Conserving Our Fresh Water

Conserving Our Fresh Water

by Carol Inskipp

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Children's Literature - Amie Rose Rotruck
While the earth has plenty of water, only 2.6% of the water on the planet is fresh water. As all humans require fresh water to drink, finding enough water for the entire population is becoming a difficult endeavor. While the amount of water people use has increased over the past century (such as for bathing and various production uses), the amount of fresh water is shrinking because of pollution. Care must be taken to preserve the fresh water supply for wildlife. Because of action taken to protect the water supply, some damage done by pollution has been reversed. Technologic advances such as desalination plants have increased the availability of fresh water for humans. Still, care must be taken to conserve water by doing things like making sure faucets are turned completely off and collecting rainwater for non-drinking water uses. Carol Inskipp skillfully examines the water problem from various angles. Numerous photographs, graphs, and a glossary make this an excellent reference for ecology or environmental studies. Part of the "Sustainable Futures" series.

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Sustainable Futures Series
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