Considerations on Representative Government / Edition 1

Considerations on Representative Government / Edition 1

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by John Stuart Mill

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ISBN-10: 0879756705

ISBN-13: 9780879756703

Pub. Date: 05/28/1991

Publisher: Prometheus Books

Considerations on Representative Government


Considerations on Representative Government

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Prometheus Books
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Great Books in Philosophy
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1. To what extent forms of government are a matter of choice; 2. The criterion of a good form of government; 3. That the ideally best form of government is representative government; 4. Under what social conditions representative government is inapplicable; 5. Of the proper functions of representative bodies; 6. Of the infirmities and dangers to which representative government is liable; 7. Of true and false democracy. Representation of all and representation of the majority only; 8. Of the extension of the suffrage; 9. Should there be two stages of election?; 10. Of the mode of voting; 11. Of the duration of Parliaments; 12. Ought pledges to be required from Members of Parliament; 13. Of a second chamber; 14. Of the executive in a representative government; 15. Of local representative bodies; 16. Of nationality, as connected with representative government; 17. Of federal representative governments; 18. Of the government of dependencies by a free state.

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