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Children's Literature - Lisa P. Hill
Hundreds to thousands of years ago, people made up stories about the stars and created constellations, or patterns in the sky. Stars were part of the great unknown, and were explained based on mythical gods and goddesses, the mysteries of life, and fateful events. Today, we have technology to explore farther into space, yet each time answers are revealed they draw up new questions and wonders. For young readers, this book helps to provide a basic understanding about finding stars in the sky, identifying constellations, learning about sky technology and introducing the Hubble Telescope. Students also learn simple facts about star maps, the Zodiac, and famous astronomers. Each page highlights a new topic and is supported with bold, colorful pictures. New vocabulary words are bolded throughout the text. One simple experiment demonstrates making your own constellation by using household materials, which can be completed in the classroom or at home. At the end of the book, there are additional references to learn more about constellations and stars. The final section offers inquiry questions with answers and "Words to Know" to reinforce new vocabulary words. This book is in the "Science Matters" series. It highlights beginning information to supplement first time book reports and is satisfactory for high-low readers.

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Science Matters Series
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