Constitutional History of the United States

Constitutional History of the United States

by Andrew C. McLaughlin

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ISBN-10: 1931313326

ISBN-13: 9781931313322

Pub. Date: 12/28/1935

Publisher: Simon Publications, LLC

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Table of Contents

II.The Old Empire7
III.The Problem of Imperial Organization. the Albany Plan17
IV.The Writs of Assistance and the Revenue Act25
V.The Stamp Act35
VI.After the Stamp Act52
VII.An Obdurate Parliament and Obstinate Colonies, 1769-1773. the Great Controversy Between Governor and Legislature in Massachusetts64
VIII.The Intolerable Acts. the Arguments in Denial of Parliamentary Authority75
IX.The Congresses of 1774-177583
X.The Philosophy of the Revolution and the Declaration of Independence91
XI.Early State Constitutions106
XII.The Articles of Confederation118
XIII.The Tribulations of the Confederate Period. the Chief Problem of the Time137
XIV.The Federal Convention148
I.Determination to Found a National Government148
II.Controversy and Compromise; the Essentials of Federalism; Coercion of Law and not of Arms163
III.Sectional Diversity; Slavery; the Presidency; the Philosophy of the Fathers185
XV.The Adoption of the Constitution198
XVI.Organization of the Government. Hamilton's Financial Policy. Implied Powers. The Judicial System224
XVII.The Establishment of the Executive Departments and the Development of the Cabinet238
XVIII.The Establishment of the Authority of the Executive in Foreign Affairs248
XIX.The Alien and Sedition Acts264
XX.The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions272
XXI.The Election of 1800. The Repeal of the Judiciary Act of 1801282
XXII.The Annexation of Louisiana294
XXIII.John Marshall, Chief Justice. The Early History of the Supreme Court. Marbury v. Madison299
XXIV.The Impeachment of Pickering and Chase. The Burr Conspiracy320
XXV.Federal and State Differences. Federalist Opposition. The Embargo. The Olmstead Case331
XXVI.The War of 1812348
XXVII.Conditions After 1815. The Rise of the New West; Internal Improvements356
XXVIII.The Development of State Constitutions366
XXIX.The Missouri Compromise372
XXX.Constitutional Law Under Chief Justice Marshall383

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