Construction Vibrations

Construction Vibrations

by Charles H. Dowding

ISBN-10: 0964431319

ISBN-13: 9780964431317

Pub. Date: 12/01/2000

Publisher: Intl Society of Explosives

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Intl Society of Explosives
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Table of Contents

1Introduction: Focus, Organization, and Themes1
2Ground Strains from Plane-Wave Approximations7
3Typical Vibration Histories and Elementary Analysis19
4Prediction of Peak Particle Velocity41
5Response Spectra and Structural Response61
6Structural Natural Frequencies and Damping: Estimation and Measurement81
7Resonance, Higher Mode, and Traveling-Wave Response93
8Cosmetic Cracking and Its Documentation104
9Response Spectra of Motions Causing Cracking122
10Frequency-Based Control of Construction Vibrations137
11Prediction of Principal Frequency and Response Spectra for Construction Blasting156
12Probability of Cracking and Fatigue from Repetitive Loading167
13Comparison of Environmental and Vibration-Induced Crack Movement182
14Air-Blasts and Construction Noise203
15Pile Driving225
16Impacting, Vibrating, Rotating, and Rolling Construction Equipment247
17Explosive Demolition265
18Vibration Stability of Rock Slopes285
19Blast Densification of Sands299
20Permanent Displacement and Pile-Driving Vibrations315
21Fracture and Permanent Deformation of Rock and Concrete327
22Response of Pipelines and Buried Structures342
23Human Response366
24Microvibrations, Equipment, Sensitivity, and Occupant-Induced Vibrations379
25Instrumentation and Microcomputers399
26Specifications for the Control of Construction Vibrations425
27The Explosion Process and Explosive Products454
28Millisecond-Delay Initiation Systems462
29Blast Design470
30Timing, Geometry, and Loading Effects on Particle Velocity490
31Analytical Software503
App. A: Answers and Explanations of Selected Problems523
App. B: Supplemental Specifications for Controlled Blasting, Close-In Blasting, Densification of Sand, and Demolition562
App. C: References580
App. D: List of Symbols596

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