Consumer Behavior: Implications for Marketing Strategy / Edition 5

Consumer Behavior: Implications for Marketing Strategy / Edition 5

by Delbert I. Hawkins, Kenneth A. Coney, Roger J. Best

ISBN-10: 0256094098

ISBN-13: 9780256094091

Pub. Date: 10/01/1991

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Publication date:
Edition description:
5th ed

Table of Contents

Pt. 1Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis Environment
Pt. 2Corporate Financial Reporting Fundamentals
2Basic Accounting Concepts15
3Primary Financial Statements32
4Intercorporate Equity Investments63
5Statement of Cash Flows84
Pt. 3Role of Certified Public Accountants' Opinion in Corporate Reporting and Analysis
6Independent Auditor's Report103
Pt. 4Basic Financial Statement Analysis Techniques
7Financial Statement Analysis125
8Quality of Earnings Analysis173
9Growth Rate Analysis239
Pt. 5Measurement and Analysis of Income
10Revenue Recognition287
11Extraordinary and Unusual Items, Discontinued Operations, and Accounting Changes351
12Basic and Diluted Earnings per Share373
Pt. 6Asset and Expense Reporting and Analysis
13Income Taxes397
14Long-Lived Fixed Assets435
15Changing Prices493
16Intangible Assets530
18Business Combinations596
Pt. 7Long-Term Financial Commitment Reporting and Analysis
19Financial Instruments639
21Retiree Benefits733
Pt. 8Stockholders' Equity Reporting and Analysis
22Stockholders' Equity763
Pt. 9Special Reporting and Analysis Issues
23Foreign Activities789
24Disaggregated Business Disclosures812
25Interim Period Reports839
27International Accounting Standards and Transnational Financial Analysis870
AppendixPresent Value Tables909

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