Consumer Behavior / Edition 6

Consumer Behavior / Edition 6

by Henry Assael

ISBN-10: 0538867701

ISBN-13: 9780538867702

Pub. Date: 11/28/1997

Publisher: Cengage South-Western

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Cengage South-Western
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Miscellaneous/Catalogs Series
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8.25(w) x 9.46(h) x 1.25(d)

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction1
Pt. 1Consumer Decision Making27
Ch. 2Complex Decision Making29
Ch. 3Consumer Learning, Habit, and Brand Loyalty65
Ch. 4Low Involvement Decision Making95
Pt. 2The Individual Consumer125
Ch. 5Consumer Perceptions127
Ch. 6Acquiring and Processing Information161
Ch. 7Consumer Attitudes194
Ch. 8Attitude Reinforcement and Change223
Ch. 9Demographics254
Ch. 10Personality and Life-Style Influences285
Pt. 3Environmental Influences on Consumer Behavior317
Ch. 11Culture and Social Class319
Ch. 12Subcultural Influences355
Ch. 13Cross-Cultural and Global Influences377
Ch. 14Reference Group Influences401
Ch. 15Communication Within Groups: Word-of-Mouth and Opinion Leadership426
Ch. 16Communication Within Groups: Family Influences452
Ch. 17Communication Across Groups: The Diffusion Process488
Ch. 13Situational Influences526
Pt. 4Marketing Action553
Ch. 19Market Segmentation and Product Positioning555
Ch. 20Marketing Communications586
Ch. 21Store Choice and Shopping Behavior620
Ch. 22Price and Salesperson Influences on Consumer Behavior646
Ch. 23Consumerism and Marketing's Responsibility to the Consumer674
Name Index727
Company Index733
Subject Index735

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