by Daniel Cohen
"Contact" covers the history of alien sightings in the United States and reveals what Americans think about alien contact.


"Contact" covers the history of alien sightings in the United States and reveals what Americans think about alien contact.

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The ALAN Review - Kay Baines
Easy as it is to dismiss the sightings of UFOs as shooting stars, group hysteria, hallucinations, or explainable natural phenomena, it is not so easy to recognize that these occurrences have been witnessed by many reliable, scientific, well-balanced persons. Scholastic's two volumes are invaluable aids in separating fact from fiction, providing objectively the history of UFOs and analyzing the attempts to unravel the mysteries. Volume 1 records the documented sightings of flying saucers from 1947 to the present, using the classification system developed by Air Force consultant J. Allen Hynek. A close encounter of the first kind was seeing a UFO; a close encounter of the second kind was seeing occupants in the UFO; a close encounter of the third kind was meeting the occupants face to face; an encounter of the fourth kind involves abduction and being taken aboard a UFO. Volume 2 examines the roles that the U.S. government, the U.S. Air Force, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other organizations and individuals have exercised in covering up Athe truth about UFOs. Research by Major Donald Keyhoe, Dr. H. P. Robinson, Vice Admiral Hill Koetter, Captain Edward Ruppelt, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Edward J. Condon, William Moore, and several American presidents is discussed. The numerous, mysterious occurrences affecting these scientists/contributors in conducting and analyzing their research are more bizarre than a Stephen King phantasma; some are frightening; some are outrageous! These two books outline succinctly what has transpired thus far in the study of UFOs.

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