Contemporary Black Biography: Profiles from the International Black Company

Contemporary Black Biography: Profiles from the International Black Company

by Gale, Sara Pendergast

ISBN-10: 0787679259

ISBN-13: 9780787679255

Pub. Date: 02/28/2006

Publisher: Gale Group

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Gale Group
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Contemporary Black Biography Series
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8.70(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Cumulative Nationality Index179
Cumulative Occupation Index191
Cumulative Subject Index209
Cumulative Name Index255
Adams, Paul: South African cricket player1
Atkins, Juan: Electronic music pioneer3
Banks, Tyra: Lovely model and actress7
Bearden, Romare: Celebrated artist10
Bell, James A: Hard-working executive15
Blair, Jayson: Controversial journalist18
Branham III, George: Professional bowling champ21
Brown, Patrick "Sleepy": Hot rap singer and producer24
Cannon, Reuben: Admired casting agent27
Chante, Keshia: Sensational singer31
Chappelle, Dave: Edgy and talented comic33
Chisholm, Shirley: Incomparable congresswoman36
Cornish, Sam: Black Arts Movement poet39
Cose, Ellis: Hard-working journalist and author42
Croom, Sylvester: College football coach46
D'Aguiar, Fred: Accomplished writer and educator50
Davis, James E: Politician taken by violence53
Davis, Ossie: Legendary film and theater actor55
Dee, Ruby: Celebrated actress of stage and screen60
Dent, Thomas C.: Writer and civil rights activist65
Faison, Donald: Notable young actor68
Fargas, Antonio: Stylish actor71
Flowers, Sylester: Pharmacist and businessman74
Gilbert, Christopher: Jazzy, intellectual poet78
Grooms, Henry R: Tenacious engineer81
Hazel, Darryl: Top automotive executive84
Hogan, Beverly Wade: Highly respected college president87
Hoyte, Lenon: Museum curator90
Khan, Chaka: Dynamic R&B vocalist93
Kidjo, Angelique: International music star97
Kong, B. Waine: CEO, Association of Black Cardiologists100
Kunjufu, Jawanza: Writer and educator104
Lawson, Jennifer: Television executive107
Love, Laura: Folk-funk singer and songwriter110
Lucy, William: Labor union leader113
Makeba, Miriam: South African singer and activist117
Morrison, Sam: Library director with a vision120
Rhames, Ving: Multitalented actor123
Riley, Rochelle: Journalist and author126
Robinson, Aminah: Inspiring artist129
Schuyler, Philippa: Gifted pianist and writer132
Staples, Mavis: Beloved gospel and soul singer135
Stoney, Michael: Trend-setting clothing designer138
Thompson, Cynthia Bramlett: Motivated executive and leader141
Tinsley, Boyd: Popular violinist144
Tisdale, Wayman: Basketball player and musician147
Walker, John T.: Episcopalian bishop150
Walker, Rebecca: Writer and activist153
Washington, James Melvin: Minister and historian156
Washington, Kenny: Pioneering football player159
Watson, Carlos: CNN political analyst162
Welburn, Edward T.: Automotive designer165
Westbrook, Kelvin R.: Influential executive168
White, Reggie: Esteemed football player and minister170
Williams, David R.: Prominent sociologist174

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