Contemporary Political Leaders of the Middle East

Contemporary Political Leaders of the Middle East

by Edward Wakin, Edward Wakin

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Gr 6 Up-A collection of biographies of eight Middle Eastern leaders. The introduction provides a concise summary of the long, confusing conflict in the Middle East, including wars and peace agreements. Chapters on Hussein of Jordan, Saddam Hussein, Hafez Al Assad, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Qaddafi, Yasir Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin, and Shimon Peres summarize their rise to power and their successes and failures as leaders. Although short descriptions of their childhoods are provided, no details are given about their own children. Each chapter opens with an exciting moment in the subject's life. These initial paragraphs should pique students' interest. Wakin is careful to set each biography in the context of the region. He tells both sides, or in some cases many sides, of the same story, using quotes by others to place the leaders in the larger world arena. The text is interesting, carefully organized, and gives enough detail without becoming overwhelming. Each bio ends with a chronology and suggestions for further reading. A useful addition for report writers interested in comparing the differences between the governing styles of Middle Eastern leaders and those of Western countries.Sandra L. Doggett, Urbana High School, Walkersville, MD
Mary Romano Marks
The latest entry in the Global Profiles series highlights the lives and careers of eight Arab and Israeli leaders who have been instrumental in shaping the history of the Middle East. Profiling Jordan's King Hussein, Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Syria's Assad, Egypt's Mubarek, Libya's Quadaffi, Palestine's Arafat, and Israel's Rabin and Peres, this balanced, informative work offers a concise introduction to the Middle East and its turbulent history through the lives of these men. Each profile evaluates the person's accomplishments and contributions, individually and globally. The inclusion of a chronology of the major dates in each leader's career, black-and-white photographs, and a list for further reading makes this a solid research tool. A must purchase for contemporary affairs and history collections.

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