Contemporary Property Law

Contemporary Property Law

by Paul Jackson, David C. Wilde

ISBN-10: 1840147474

ISBN-13: 9781840147476

Pub. Date: 11/01/1999

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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Table of Contents

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Pt. IGeneral Property Law
1Property: the Challenge from Restitution3
2The Remedial Aspects of Equitable Property26
3What Are We Going To Do About Estoppel?53
4Property Law: Between Private Rights and Public Policy66
Pt. IILand Law
5Justice, Informality and Home-sharing97
6Reform of the Law Relating to Property Rights on the Breakdown of Cohabitation120
7Structural Differences Between Registered and Unregistered Land Law - A Flickering Awareness143
8Title Insurance: Its Relevance to Lenders168
9Continuing Problems of Formality in Contracts for the Sale of Land? The Issue of Substantive Interpretation183
10Formalities for Declaring Trusts of Land204
11Mortgages and the Flexible Workforce219
12Acquiring a Prescriptive Right to Commit a Nuisance237
13Suing in Private Nuisance: the Rights of the Property Owner254
Pt. IIILandlord and Tenant
14The Shift Towards a Commercial Interpretation of Leases - Hunting for Allegories on the Banks of the Nile285
15Repudiation of Leases - A Fool's Paradise317
16Reimbursement of Tenant Substitutes342
17Private Sector Agricultural Tenancy Arrangements: The European Experience362

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