Continuous Advances in Qcd 2002: Arkadyfest: Honoring the 60th Birthday of Arkady Vainshtein, Proceedings of the Conference

Continuous Advances in Qcd 2002: Arkadyfest: Honoring the 60th Birthday of Arkady Vainshtein, Proceedings of the Conference

by M B Voloshin

ISBN-10: 9812382151

ISBN-13: 9789812382153

Pub. Date: 01/01/2003

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Penguins 2002: Penguins in K[approaches][pi][pi] Decays3
Electromagnetic Form Factor of the Pion23
Multiple Uses of the QCD Instantons41
QCD Sum Rules - A Working Tool for Hadronic Physics58
The Leading Particle Effect in Charm Hadroproduction from Heavy Quark Recombination80
Lifetimes of Heavy Hadrons Beyond Leading Logarithms92
CP-Violation and Mixing in Charmed Mesons102
Soft and Collinear Radiation and Factorization in Perturbation Theory and Beyond115
Probing New Physics: From Charm to Superstrings133
Experimental Challenges for QCD - the Past and the Future153
Position Space Interpretation for Generalized Parton Distributions167
Renormalons as Dilatation Modes in the Functional Space177
Dynamics of QCD in a Strong Magnetic Field186
Light-Front Quantization of Gluodynamics Revisited198
On Mixed Phases in Gauge Theories207
Reshuffling the OPE: Delocalized Operator Expansion224
What QCD Tells Us about Nature243
Dirac Spectra and Real QCD at Nonzero Chemical Potential265
Quark Color Superconductivity and the Cooling of Compact Stars291
Color Superconductivity from Magnetic Interaction Induced by Flow Equations303
Domain Walls and Strings in Dense Quark Matter317
Finite-Temperature Behavior of the (2+1)D Georgi-Glashow Model with and without Quarks329
(Dis)Assembling Composite Supersymmetric Solitons345
Non-Abelian Monopoles, Vortices and Confinement369
Casimir Effects: From Grounded Plates to the Standard Model387
The Seiberg-Witten Map for Noncommutative Gauge Theories407
Renormalization Properties of Softly Broken SUSY Gauge Theories421
Supersymmetric [beta] Function with Ultraviolet Chop-off449
Nonperturbative Solution of Supersymmetric Gauge Theories459
Testing ADS/CFT Correspondence with Wilson Loops468
Peturbative-Nonperturbative Connection in Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory478
Axions: Past, Present, and Future509
QCD Vacuum and Axions: What's Happening?521
Diluting Cosmological Constant via Large Distance Modification of Gravity566
A Stable H Dibaryon: Dark Matter Candidate within QCD?582
Arkady in Siberia593
Of a Superior Breed599
Defying Zeno's Procedure602
Reminiscences in Pastels604
Bill Fine, TPI and Arkady615
Decaying Systems and Divergence of the Series of Perturbation Theory. Preprint (1964)617

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