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Continuous Advances in Qcd 2006: Proceedings of the Conference

Continuous Advances in Qcd 2006: Proceedings of the Conference

by Marco Peloso

ISBN-10: 981270552X

ISBN-13: 9789812705525

Pub. Date: 05/28/2007

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

The volume contains the proceedings of the workshop Continuous Advances in QCD 2006, hosted by the Wiliam I Fine Theoretical Physics Institute. This biennial workshop was the seventh meeting of the series, held at the University of Minnesota since 1994. The workshop gathered together about 110 scientists (a record number for the event), including most of the


The volume contains the proceedings of the workshop Continuous Advances in QCD 2006, hosted by the Wiliam I Fine Theoretical Physics Institute. This biennial workshop was the seventh meeting of the series, held at the University of Minnesota since 1994. The workshop gathered together about 110 scientists (a record number for the event), including most of the leading experts in quantum chromodynamics and non-Abelian gauge theories in general.

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Table of Contents

Plenary Talks     1
Strongly Coupled Quark-Gluon Plasma: The Status Report   E. V. Shuryak     3
New Open and Hidden Charm Spectroscopy   P. Colangelo   F. De Fazio   R. Ferrandes   S. Nicotri     17
Planar Equivalence - An Update   A. Armoni     31
Nucleons on the Light Cone: Theory and Phenomenology of Baryon Distribution Amplitudes   V.M. Braun     42
Solitons in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories: Moduli Matrix Approach   M. Eto   Y. Isozumi   M. Nitta   K. Ohashi   N. Sakai     58
AdS/QCD   Convener A. Armoni     73
Emerging Holography: AdS from QCD   J. Erlich     75
A Holographic Model of Hadrons   M.A. Stephanov     82
Gauge-String Duality, Spin Chains and 2-D Effective Actions   A.A. Tseytlin     89
Linear Confinement and AdS/QCD   A. Karch   E. Katz   D.T. Son   M.A. Stephanov     96
Instantons on D7 Brane Probes and AdS/CFT with Flavor   J. Erdmenger     103
Mapping String States into Partons: Form Factors and the Hadron Spectrum in AdS/QCD   G.F. De Teramond     110
Properties of Hadrons fromD4/D8-Brane System   T. Sakai   S. Sugimoto     117
Energy in AdS   B. Tekin     124
Heavy Quark Physics   Conveners P. Colangelo   T. Mannel     131
Systems of Two Heavy Quarks with Effective Field Theories   N. Brambilla     133
Constraining Universal Extra Dimensions through B Decays   F. De Fazio     140
Light-Cone Sum Rules with B-Meson Distribution Amplitudes   A. Khodjamirian     147
The Charm Quark as a Massive Collinear Quark   T. Mannel     154
Heavy Meson Molecules in Effective Field Theory   M.T. Alfiky   F. Gabbiani   A.A. Petrov     161
Recent Advances in NRQCD   A. Hoang   P. Ruiz-Femenia     168
Radiative Transitions and the Quarkonium Magnetic Moment   A. Vairo     176
B [right arrow] K*[gamma] vs B [right arrow] [rho gamma] and |V[subscript td]/V[subscript ts]|   P. Ball   R. Zwicky     183
High Temperature/Density Physics   Convener: E. Shuryak     191
Charm and Charmonium in the Quark-Gluon Plasma   R. Rapp   D. Cabrera   H. Van Hees     193
Confinement-Deconfinement, Phase Transition and Fractional Instanton Quarks in Dense Matter   A.R. Zhitnitsky     207
Surprises for QCD at Nonzero Chemical Potential   K. Splittorff   J.J.M. Verbaarschot     214
Stability Conditions in Gapless Superconductors   E. Gubankova     222
Recent Results in Color Superconductivity   G. Nardulli     229
Heavy Quarkonia above Deconfinement   A. Mocsy     235
[theta]-Parameter in QCD-like Theories at Finite Density   M.A. Metlitski     242
The Deconfining Phase of SU(2) Yang-Mills Thermodynamics   R. Hofmann     250
Solitons in Gauge Theories   Convener: D. Tong     257
Fractional Strings on Domain Walls   R. Auzzi     259
Magnetic Monopoles in Hot QCD   C.P. Korthals Altes     266
Domain Wall Junctions in N = 1 Super Yang-Mills and Quantum Hall Edges   A. Ritz     273
Multi-Vortices with Large Magnetic Flux   S. Bolognesi     280
An Open-Closed String Duality in Field Theory?   D. Tong     287
Analog of Bulk-Brane Duality in Field Theory   M. Shifman   A. Yung     294
Lattice Methods   Convener: J. Giedt     301
Staggered Fermions and Power-Counting    J. Giedt     303
At which Order should we Truncate Perturbative Series?   Y. Meurice     310
General Aspects of QCD and Gauge Theories   Convener: M. Shifman     317
Connecting the Chiral and Heavy Quark Limits: Full Mass Dependence of Fermion Determinant in an Instanton Background   G.V. Dunne     319
Dynamics of Wilson-Loops in QCD   F. Lenz     326
Perturbative Calculation of the VEV of the Monopole Creation Operator   A. Kovner   A. Khvedelidze   D. McMullan     334
Towards the Reggeon Field Theory in QCD   M. Lublinsky     338
Large N[subscript c] Orbifold and Orientifold Equivalences: Old and New   M. Unsal     345
Baryons and Skyrmions in QCD with Quarks in Higher Representations   S. Bolognesi     352
Light Quarks and Gluons   Convener: A. Khodjamirian     359
Model Independent Determination of the Lowest Resonance of QCD   H. Leutwyler     361
Restoration of Chiral and U(1)[subscript A] Symmetries in Excited Hadrons in the Semiclassical Regime   L. Ya. Glozman     368
Why Massless Pions do not Preclude Effective Chiral Restoration in the Hadron Spectrum   T.D. Cohen     377
QCD Glueball Sum Rules and Vacuum Topology    H. Forkel     383
Counting Rules, Holographic Wave Functions, Meromorphization and Quark-Hadron Duality   A.V. Radyushkin     390
High-Energy Effective Action from Scattering of QCD Shock Waves   I. Balitsky     397
Weakly Bound Diquarks and Efimov Hyperions in QCD   J.A.O. Marinho   E. Gambin   T. Frederico     404
Large N   Convener: T. Cohen     411
Baryons and Large N[subscript c] in Happy Resonance   R.F. Lebed     413
Large N Gauge Theories - Numerical Results   R. Narayanan   H. Neuberger     420
Multiparton Amplitudes   Convener: Z. Bern     427
MHV Vertices and On-Shell Recursion Relations   P. Svrcek     429
Quantum MHV Diagrams   A. Brandhuber   G. Travaglini     443
Similarities of Gauge and Gravity Amplitudes   N.E.J. Bjerrum-Bohr   D.C. Dunbar   H. Ita     457
Bootstrapping One-Loop QCD Amplitudes   C.F. Berger     464
On-Shell Recursion Relations for n-Point QCD   D. Forde     472
QCD On-Shell Recurrence Relations from the Largest Time Equation   D. Vaman   Y.P. Yao     479
Light Cone    Convener: J. Hiller     489
The Nucleon Electric Dipole Moment in Light-Front QCD   S. Gardner     491
Masses and Boost-Invariant Wave Functions of Heavy Quarkonia from the Light-Front Hamiltonian of QCD   S.D. Glazek     496
Lattice Formulation of QCD "Near the Light Cone"   D. Grunewald     503
New Perspectives for QCD from AdS/CFT   S.J. Brodsky     510
Supersymmetric Two-Dimensional QCD at Finite Temperature   J.R. Hiller     518
Pole Approximation for Pion Electromagnetic Form Factor within Light-Front Dynamics   J.P.B.C. de Melo   J.S. Veiga   T. Frederico   E. Pace   G. Salme     525
A Sum Rules Calculation in the Light-Cone Representation   G. McCartor     532
Pages of the Past     539
A Brief History of FTPI   S. Gasiorowicz     541
Slouching Towards the Standard Model   S. Gasiorowicz     544
Paradise Lost   S. Migdal     556
Glimpses of the Conference     579
Pictures   M. Shifman     581
List of Participants     593

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