Continuum Companion to Religion and Film

Continuum Companion to Religion and Film

by William L. Blizek

The definitive guide to the study of film and religion.See more details below


The definitive guide to the study of film and religion.

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Bloomsbury Academic
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Bloomsbury Companions Series
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New Edition
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6.20(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements \ Introduction \ PART I: The Study of Religion and Film 1. Religion and the Movies, William L. Blizek \ 2. Using Religion to Interpret Movies, William L. Blizek \ 3. Using Movies to Critique Religion, William L. Blizek \ 4. Religion, Ethics, and Film, Alyda Faber \ 5. Theology and Film, by Clive Marsh \ 6. Retelling of Religious Stories, William L. Blizek and Julien Fielding \ 7. Religion, Film, and Film Theory, Greg Watkins \ 8. Religion and World Cinema, S. Brent Plate \ 9. Religion, Film, and Cultural Studies, Melanie Wright \ 10. Women, Religion, and Film, Irena Makarushka \ PART II: Religions and Film 11. Christian Movies, Terry Lindvall \ 12. Catholic Movies, Peter Malone \13. Buddhist Movies, Michele Desmarais \ 14. Hindu Movies, Michele Desmarais and Birud Sindhav \ 15. Judaism and Jewish Identity in Film, Allison Smith \ 16. Muslim Movies, Rubina Ramji \ 17. Indigenous Religions and Movies, Julien Fielding \ 18. Religion, Spirituality, and the Movies, Wendy M. Wright \ PART III: Religious Themes in Movies \ 19. Jesus Movies, Adele Reinhartz \20. Bible Movies, Richard G. Walsh \ 21. Holocaust Movies, Guy Matalon \ 22. Redemption and Film, Julien Fielding \ 23. The After Life in Movies, Kelly Wyman \ 24. Images of God in the Movies, Christian Haunton \ 25. The Savior Figure in Film, Matthew Mcever \ 26. Karma and Film, Michele Desmarais \ 27. The End of Days, Conrad Ostwalt \ 28. Satan in the Movies, Kelly Wyman \ 29. Evil on Film, Bryan Stone \ Part IV Resources Film Index \ Bibliography \ Index

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