The Contribution of Nutrition to Human and Animal Health

The Contribution of Nutrition to Human and Animal Health

by Elsie M. Widdowson

This 1992 book details the contribution which nutrition research has made and continues to make to the health of man and animals.See more details below


This 1992 book details the contribution which nutrition research has made and continues to make to the health of man and animals.

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Preface; Abbreviations; Part I. Energy Intake and Expenditure: 1. Control of energy balance in experimental animals M. L. Stock; 2. Control of energy intake in farm animals J. M. Forbes; 3. Energy expenditure: studies with animals A. J. F. Webster; 4. Energy expenditure of man: earlier studies R. Passmore; 5. Energy requirements of man: recent thinking A. M. Prentice and W. A. Coward; 6. Obesity in man J. S. Garrow; Part II. Metabolism of the Major Nutrients: 7. Digestive physiology of ruminant livestock: a review of recent developments D. E. Beever; 8. Nitrogen metabolism in the ruminant P. J. Buttery; 9. Protein metabolism in man A. A. Jackson; 10. The metabolism of fat M. I. Gurr; 11. Sugars - still the Cinderella of nutrients? I. A. MacDonald; 12. Complex carbohydrates J. H. Cummings and H. N. Englyst; Part III. Minerals and Vitamins: 13. Calcium metabolism D. R. Fraser; 14. The metabolism of iron and its bioavailability in foods S. J. Fairweather-Tait; 15. Trace element investigations in man and animals C. F. Mills; 16. Recent investigations on trace elements, particularly selenium M. F. Robinson; 17. Fat-soluble vitamins M. F. Robinson; Part IV. Pregnancy, Lactation and Growth: 18. Nutrition and pregnancy in animals C. J. Bates; 19. The endocrine control of lactation in animals J. J. Robinson; 20. Fundamental interactions between nutrition and growth I. C. Hart; 21. Opportunities for the manipulation of nutrition and growth D. Lister; 22. Nutrition and human pregnancy P. J. Reeds, M. I. Fiorotto and W. C. Heird; 23. Early nutrition and later outcome J. V. G. A. Durnin; 24. Early nutrition and later outcome A. Lucas; 25. Nutrition and growth in tropical environments, the use of antropometry E. F. Wheeler; Part V. Deficiences of Energy and Protein: 26. Undernutrition in Germany in the post-war period E. M. Widdowson; 27. Kwashiorkor in Uganda R. G. Whitehead; 28. Protein-energy malnutrition in Jamaica J. C. Waterlow; Part VI. Policies for Food, Nutrition and Health: 29. Food and nutrition policies in wartime D. F. Hollingsworth; 30. Translating nutrition knowledge into policy W. P. T. James and A. Ralph; 31.The epidemiology of diet and health G. A. Rose; 32. Government food and nutrition policies for the 1990s D. H. Buss; Part VI. Food Composition, Food Education and the Role of the Food Industry: 33. The composition of foods D. A. T. Southgate; 34. Nutrition education - the key to dispelling misinformation M. Ashwell and G. Fine; 35. The responsibility of the food industry J. Edelman; Index.

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