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4.2 9
by Charlotte Stein

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Will she choose control or just let go?

When Madison Morris wanted to hire a shop assistant for her naughty little bookstore, she never dreamed she'd have two handsome men vying for the position-and a whole lot more. Does she choose dark and dangerous Andy with his sexy tattoos? Or quiet, serious Gabriel, whose lean physique and gentle touch


Will she choose control or just let go?

When Madison Morris wanted to hire a shop assistant for her naughty little bookstore, she never dreamed she'd have two handsome men vying for the position-and a whole lot more. Does she choose dark and dangerous Andy with his sexy tattoos? Or quiet, serious Gabriel, whose lean physique and gentle touch tempt her more than she thought possible?

She loves the way Andy takes charge when it comes to sex. But the turmoil in Gabe's eyes hints at a deep well of complicated emotions locked inside. When the fun and games are over, only one man can have control of her heart.

"If this is your first time crossing the line into the Dark Side of kinky sex and BDSM, then I recommend this book!"-Night Owl Reviews, 5 stars, Reviewer Top Pick

What readers are saying:
"Forget Fifty Shades of Grey...take a look at this and see how long you can stay in control!"
"This is honest to God, hands down, the best erotic fiction I've ever read."
"Highly addictive!"

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Stein (Deep Desires) serves up a sizzling combination of BDSM and voyeurism. Madison Morris owns a bookstore dedicated to titillating fiction. She’s looking for a shop assistant, and not just one who can fulfill the usual retail duties. When straitlaced Gabriel Kauffman walks in the door and catches Madison in flagrante with forceful Andy Yarrow, Madison knows she’s found her newest employee—not Andy, who would never take direction, but Gabriel, who longs for a firm hand on the reins. At first, Madison enjoys teasing shy Gabriel, trying to see how quickly she can fluster him with naughty tasks such as circling his favorite bits in the erotica lining her store’s shelves and staying naked in her apartment. Then something altogether unexpected happens: she falls for Gabriel, despite still lusting after Andy. While the plot is a bit flimsy and Stein often skims the surface of deep emotion in favor of graphic description, readers will tear through the book in anticipation of the next scorching sex scene. (Jan.)
From the Publisher
"The steam factor is high, so if you're looking for a hot read, this is your ticket. " - RT Book Reviews

"CONTROL is both a wildly erotic and heart-breaking love story, and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's also why I'll always read everything Charlotte Stein writes." - Seductive Musings

"This takes a super-hot read and makes it even more engaging with characters with heart and solid personalities." - Iam, Indeed

"I would give this 5 stars." - Lost in a Book

"This was my first time reading any of Charlotte Stein's work and certainly not my last. I truly enjoyed her writing style, characters and everything all around! " - Dreamz of Dragons

"If you want a book that will melt your screen, then this might be the one for you." - Long and Short Reviews

"I was riveted from start to finish." - For Your Literary Pleasure

Night Owl Reviews

First of all, the title needs to be changed to "The Ultimate Manual of Kinky Sex, BDSM, and Control for Dummies"! If this is your first time crossing the line into the Dark Side, then I recommend this book as a guide!

I fell hard for the hero, Gabriel, who is as angelic as his namesake. I haven't fallen in love with a written hero since...hmm, has it been so long that I have forgotten? So many heroes are cookie-cutter cutouts bulging with muscles and testosterone lacking real brains or even emotions. Romance novel heroes show their emotions by being jealous, over-protective pricks. As if that's healthy! But Gabriel, that man was special! He had a horrific, stickler, prudish past that made me wince in a terrible way! He was mistreated and abused. Whenever Charlotte Stein would delve into his past, I had to clench my teeth just to make it through! But no matter how hard life has been, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

Enter Madison, the cutest, most open heroine I have yet to meet! She is a self-described sidekick to the actual straight-laced heroine! The "best friend" who gets into all kinds of kinky trouble but honestly, Madison is the REAL heroine. She is not afraid to express herself sexually, although, she does have trouble with the "L" word--Love. But with all excellent character arcs, she eventually finds herself and becomes completely fulfilled. You go, girl!

I desperately enjoyed this wild romp through erotica even though the heroine wasn't fighting zombies or falling for werewolves. I will warn you, gentle reader, that this isn't a tale for the faint of heart or those who are especially fond of missionary position--this is intense. Every chapter is raging with sex. But this story is more than just sex--If anything, the sexual progression seems to tell the character arcs like "Ballroom Dancing" does with dance.

There is only one thing I had qualm with--the term "arse". It's a UK thing, I guess. I just really like the word "ass" instead. It's so much more hardy! But obviously, that is pure opinion and does not detract from the story!

Scorching Book Reviews

This book is a fabulously sexy tale that made my palms sweaty and my heart race. I grew to love both Madison and Gabe and, although I didn’t agree with some of the decisions that they made, I wholeheartedly routed for a situation where they could both be happy. 

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THE FIRST APPLICANT FOR the assistant job is very promising indeed. He puts his head between my thighs with minimal supervision and almost no prompting.
The only problem is - I don't recall creating an oral presentation portion of the interview. Or, for that matter, a portion that requires the answer: you know you want it. To a question I don't remember asking.
But I guess I must have asked for something, or none of it would have happened. Maybe it was all the staring I did, at the curling many-coloured tattoos all over his heavy-looking arms. Or the way I bristled beneath the weight of his deep blue gaze. I must have leant forward, and asked about his previous job experience in a way that suggested an underlying code.
Job meant sex. Experience meant now.
It was sharp of him, really, to understand. He got a cross in the interview attire column - such a thin, barely-there T-shirt! - but he got a big tick in the "takes initiative” and the "understands subtle instructions” columns.
I don't think I got any ticks, in the "cool, calm, controlling boss” columns, unfortunately. But can't I be forgiven? He looked like liquid sex and I can't remember the last time I had anything even remotely resembling a drink. Or resembling a hard, solid body over mine. Or resembling the scent of someone besides myself, all over me - the slick slide of a tongue against my skin.
It's probable that some of these needs showed on my face. And though I'm sure that some people are of the mind that women who wear neat little pleated skirts and boxy corduroy jackets - the uniform of bookstore owners and librarians everywhere - are bookish and quiet and quite dull, there's probably an equal amount who view said women as repressed cauldrons of lust.
I'm pretty sure he sensed my boiling cauldron.
I think he felt I was a certain type - the type who won't admit they want it, not even to themselves. But when he pressed me up against the door to the back and then shoved me through, I didn't deny anything. My insides shimmied to think of this big handsome man, having me up against something. Just doing it, without columns or questions or things neatly arranged.

Meet the Author

Charlotte Stein has written over thirty short stories, novellas and novels, including entries in The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance and Best New Erotica 10. Her latest work, Addicted, was recently called salaciously steamy by Dear Author. When not writing salaciously steamy books, she can be found eating jelly turtles, watching terrible sitcoms and occasionally lusting after hunks. For more on Charlotte, visit: www.charlottestein.net.

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Control 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
BookLoverAE More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite eroticas of all time. The characters are so well fleshed out you can't help but be pulled into their little bookstore world. I laughed and cried and got hot and bothered. This is a very kinky story with tons of heart. Charlotte Stein is one of my new go-to authors and this is one of her best (so far!).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
northamericanwordcat More than 1 year ago
This love story is simply Smuttastic! And mixed into all this filthy sex is a very tender love story about two people who somehow mange to find the perfect match.  Though not for the faint of the heart (think XXX), this romance told through the lens of erotic love first and romantic love second presents a tale of the vulnerable connection that is essenical to life long passion and companionship.  They like as well as really love each other. This is mark of a superior Romance novel in my opinion.  I adored our hero.  I love anyone who is just very much themselves. Raw and real in the world.  He is a shy, well hung, big and tall, mechanically inclined, obsessively neat, bookworm. King of the Beta heroes in all the best ways. I would push up his glasses any day.  I feel like I really get to know him as well. I love his wry humor.  Madison, despite the book being told in the first person, is much less knowable. This is part of the truth of her character. She is guarded even in her own thoughts and spirals around her emotions. She is funny, gutsy, and grand even so. She has a wonderful arc in the book. I just wish we got more time with the HEA so I could see her fully come into herself.  I dislike the menage in the book even though I admit it is true to this world and gave conflict to the plot. I just wish there was another conflict or that the purely character driven ones were enough for more readers.  If you like erotic romance with excellent word smithing, compelling characters, and a moving love story, this is a not to be missed read for you.  I was given this book for my honest review. So there you have it. 
lucieparis2011 More than 1 year ago
Pretty intense! After a job ad, Madison meets Andi and Gabriel. One likes to dominate, the other being dominated. Madison satisfies her desires, her fantasies by exploring her sexuality with these two men in a very hot threesome. Very sexual and very direct, this erotic story is well written. Of course, it is a read for adults with an open mind because the heroine is in a relationships with multiple partners. Sensual and sexual, the interest of this story reside in the words, desire and graphic scenes. An exciting book! Lucie newbooksonmyselves.blogspot.fr
These-Pretty-Words More than 1 year ago
Deliciously filthy and perfect Deliciously filthy and emotional, Control drops the reader immediately into the deep end of sex, sex and more sex. But before the book falls into the category of PWP, Charlotte yanks on every heartstring you have and opens up a floodgate of emotional prose so beautiful, you won’t be able to stop reading. I could tell you all about Madison – shop owner, single gal, seems to like bossing people around yet being bossed around as well. I could tell you about Gabriel – sweet, shy, adorable, sweet, big…yeah. Andy, the third wheel in their fragile little relationship. I could tell you everything about this book and the characters, how hard and fast I fell in love with them, how steamy the sex was or how much feeling Charlotte was able to write into this lovely little book. I could…but instead I’m just going to leave this here. The first applicant for the assistant job is very promising indeed. He puts his head between my thighs with minimal supervision and almost no prompting. The only problem is – I don’t recall creating an oral presentation portion of the interview. That, my friends, is the very first paragraph. And it only gets better and dirtier and funnier and just plain hotter from there. Five stars. I adore Charlotte’s sweet and dirty words and recommend Control to anyone who doesn’t mind a little threesome action.
RobertDowns More than 1 year ago
Don’t let the name Madison Monroe fool you. She’s one part Wicked Words bookstore owner, and nearly three parts baddy. She’s into dominance, subservience, and just about anything in between. She has CONTROL issues and monogamy ones too, with a body built for sin, and an active imagination to boot. But if you can capture her attention, you may die butt naked with a smile on your face after emptying your spunk tank. Putting theory into practice and with a file cabinet full of erotica tales, Madison’s one wicked lady, but neither of her male counterparts utter a single word of protest. In fact, once the action reached the bedroom, or the backroom, there were more than a few incoherent utterances, most of which would have been accentuated with exclamation points. And I couldn’t help doing the wave every time the sexual acrobatics stepped onto the printed page. Sure, this novel was filthy and raunchy and messy and grubby, and I may have needed to spray myself down with a garden hose after finishing this tale, but that was why it had such strong appeal. If you like it when the female cracks the whip and dominates you in ways you never thought possible, you might find yourself enjoying a wet dream or two at the end of this tale. Once the sex train ended, I wanted to hop right back on, and enjoy this fantasy ride all over again. I received this book for free through NetGalley. Robert Downs Author of Falling Immortality: Casey Holden, Private Investigator
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a very interesting read. The character develope with each turn of the page and u can't help not wanting to know where it will all end up. The sexual scences... Charlotte Stein is so detailed your bound to fall into the fantasy of that little book store. Great story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very steamy and I enjoyed the how the author took the characters on a path of discovery.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
First Impression .... A naughty bookshop owner. Two hot guys. Sounds like fun! The Story... Madison needs an assistant in her bookshop. One applicant, the dominant Andy, gets her going at the interview. And by going, I mean they bone. Hard. Fellow applicant Gabe, quiet and possibly submissive, spies them in the act, then runs away before he can be interviewed. Not to be deterred, Madison can see that Gabe needs to be brought around. And by brought around, I mean that Madison hires him, teases him, and helps Gabe uncover all his dark desires. Andy definitely wants Madison. Gabe seems to want her too. Madison isn't sure exactly what she wants, but is quickly becoming addicted to Gabe and his fantasies. Gabe, though, can't believe she can actually want him when she can have Andy. This story is all about Control. Who will take it and who will give it completely. The Characters ... Madison is a wicked little chick and I loved it. It's rare to come across a heroine who is so unapologetically brave and confident in her sexuality. Madison was fun, determined, accepting, and sweet. I was moved by her unflinching acceptance of the shy and tormented Gabe. So, Gabe. He was repressed and closeted. Ashamed of the desires that drive him. And when I say desires, I mean that this dude gets off on some serious kink. He was a fascinating character, very complex and endearing. Andy was Andy. If you've read Control, you know what that means. For those who haven't read Control, Andy was an arrogant, dominating, assuming, and fun guy. He seemed like a thorn in the relationship, but served as a dynamic part of the story. And I actually liked him. The Writing .... Was both quirky and gorgeous. Control is told in a first person point-of-view, strictly from Madison's perspective. She was a great narrator. Control gets off to a wicked, shockingly naughty start. That definitely got and held my attention. There was a lot of sex in Control. What made it unputdownable, though, was how beautifully thoughtful and insightful Stein's characterization of her characters, particularly Gabe. This is the first of Stein's books I've read, and I really enjoy her voice. And what made it so great was that Madison almost seemed to be speaking to the reader, through her acceptance of Gabe, her openness with Andy, her friendship with her neighbor. And the message was, Don't wait. It is okay to have what you want. (see the second quote below) The Heat ... Oh good gawd, be prepared for your undies to burst into flames. Control was easily one of the naughtiest, hottest books I have ever read. And guys, I'm kind of an expert on hot books. In the End... Control is a delicious complicated and sexy read. I wont soon forget Madison, Gabe, and their twisty and endearing relationship. .