Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos

by Michael S. London

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A document written in 1864, that would be later plagiarized into "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (the most disturbing text in the history of the world), lays out the blueprint for world domination and what is currently going on around the globe today, controlled chaos.

Who is behind this and what is their true agenda? What does the Brotherhood of Death (Skull


A document written in 1864, that would be later plagiarized into "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (the most disturbing text in the history of the world), lays out the blueprint for world domination and what is currently going on around the globe today, controlled chaos.

Who is behind this and what is their true agenda? What does the Brotherhood of Death (Skull and Bones (Yale), The All Souls Society (Oxford), and The Thule Society (Berlin)), have in common with the Bildebergers and the Catholic Church? Can the Second Holocaust be prevented and do the answers lie in Bible Code prophesy?

Steven Michaels is a Company man assigned to the Bible Code Research team at the National Security Agency. After the tragic deaths of his ex-wife and child in a car accident meant for him, a friend and colleague from the Vatican is murdered as well, but not before he sends Michaels proof of the conspiracy and the answers to the mystery exposing the impending New World Order.

Based on historical fact, Controlled Chaos is surely to become the next controversial novel to shake the belief system of millions throughout the world.

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Controlled Chaos

By Michael S. London AuthorHouse Copyright © 2007 Michael S. London
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4343-2940-0

Chapter One On a cool dark cloudy night in May of 1899, forty-five young men in their junior year of college were being prepared to undertake the initiation into the most secret society on earth. Fifteen each would be initiated at three universities. The schools in question were the University of Berlin, Oxford, and Yale. The initiation to this society in the United States went this way:

In New Haven, Connecticut, at the stroke of midnight, fifteen young neophytes knocked on the door of the Gothic styled ivy covered building on the Yale campus awaiting the rituals for induction.

"Do you accept the invitation from the Order", asked a voice behind the large oaken door.

"Yes, we accept" replied the young men.

"You may enter, but be forewarned, that what you are about to see, what you're about to partake in, is to never been known to others whatsoever! You're about to begin the journey of enlightenment and illumination, for you, are the CHOSEN."

The door was opened by a masked man clad in a long black hooded robe with an insignia of the skull and crossbones located over his heart. His face blackened, reminiscent of the Angel of Death.

"Enter neophytes", the dark figure commanded.

As the young men entered, they were led down a corridor into a large chamber. The chamber was dark, but it appeared as if fireflies were swirling around the room. The stench of cigars and cigarettes were in the air. The room was quiet, yet very eerie.

A candle was lit which revealed a dark figure of a man. "My name his Uncle Toby", he replied. "You have been selected because you are the chosen. The Order welcomes you, but first you must prove that you are worthy of our membership. You must pass the test that we have in store. You must remain silent all times. Your obedience is imperative. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir", replied the young men together.

"Very good", answered Uncle Toby. "Now, disrobe!"

The fifteen young men took their clothes off in the dimly lit room. As soon as they finished undressing, fifteen of the fireflies quietly lined up behind each young man.

"Place your hands behind your back", ordered Uncle Toby. Each neophyte complied. Ropes were tied to each mans wrists by the darkened figures behind them. They were bound tightly, preventing any use of their arms. A hood was then placed over each neophyte further obscuring what little vision that they had in the chamber.

Next, the young men were let into another room. "You are now in the inner sanctum, the Tomb", the voice explained. The fireflies led each neophyte in a single line in the middle of the room. Torches were lit around the chamber, emitting light that the neophytes could no longer see. A long bench was placed in front of the neophytes as the voice commanded. "On your knees!" Each complied again, as their easiness and fear began to multiply. "Lean forward neophytes", Uncle Toby commanded.

As the young men knelt over the bench with their bare bottoms sticking out, each of the fireflies picked up a large wooden paddle that had drilled holes through them and a leather grip on the handle.

"Neophytes, remain silent! Knights and Patriarchs commence and count."

The fireflies began to swat the naked backsides of the neophytes with the paddles as all counted out loud. The sounds of contact grew louder as they increased intensity with each succeeding swing.

"One, two, three, four ... fourteen, fifteen."

Each neophyte was trying to muffle their cries of pain for each swat that they received. Quiet whimpers ensued and each time they did, the voice would demand, "Silence neophytes!"

After the fifteenth count, the Knights, those who were initiated from the school class of the previous year, grabbed each new initiate, still bound and made them stand up. The Knights then led each neophyte to a coffin that were arranged a circle in the middle of the chamber. Each Knight, unbound their assigned neophyte they were in care of and while still hooded, helped them into their assigned coffins.

"Lie down and remain silent", the voice ordered.

"We will now continue your obedience training. When tapped on your shoulder, you'll give your name and then reveal your darkest most intense sexual experience. You'll do this or you'll be banished forever. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir", the neophytes replied in muffled unison.

A nod was gestured by Uncle Toby to the Knight to tap the first neophyte.

"Your named neophyte", ordered his Knight.

"Frederick Baldwin, Adams", the neophyte replied.

"Tell us", ordered the Knight.

As neophyte Adams began relating his darkest sexual escapade, he, along with the rest of the initiates developed erections as each began to masturbate. One by one every neophyte was tapped. Each one announced their name, related their sordid escapade, as all of the neophytes continued to pleasure themselves.

"Frank Dexter Cheney".

"William Sloane Coffin."

"John Morgan Hopkins,"

"Percy Avery Rockefeller."

"Hulbert Taft".

Prominent names to be sure. Just as prominent were the Patriarchs, the graduating alumni that were in attendance as well. Men of power and influence, such as: Edward Whitney (1854), Andrew White Dickinson (1853), and Joshua Sears (1877), William Howard Taft (1878), Walter Camp (1880), Fred Kellogg (1883), Alfred Cowles (1886), Henry Louis Stimson (1888), Horace Walker (1889), Frederick Weyerhaeuser (1896), and Payne Whitney (1898).

As the last neophyte gave his name and related his experience for all to hear, the voice ordered each Knight to remove the hoods from the neophytes and to lead them behind an altar at the front of the torch lit room. As each neophyte got out of their coffin, they formed a line, still naked, behind the altar, were beautiful nude girl lied silent, bound, and motionless.

Another Patriarch dressed in all red looking like the Devil appeared and pointed to the inscription high above the wall in front of the altar. The inscription was written in German as he read it and translated in English for the neophytes to understand.

"Wer war der thor, wer weiser. Wer bettler, oder kaiser"

"Who was the fool, who is wise men, beggar or King"

"Ob am, ob reich, im toue gleich."

"Where poor or rich, all are equal in death".

"You leave this world the same as everyone else" the Devil exclaimed.

As each young man stood in front of the altar, they were instructed to pick up a dagger that lied neatly in front of them and slowly circle around the naked girl. Finally, they were ordered by the Devil to plunge their daggers into her body and chant, "You leave this world the same as everyone else".

Each neophyte reluctantly lifted his dagger above the girl. Chants from the Patriarchs and Knights grew louder, as they yelled, "Kill the heretic.... Kill the whore ... All are beneath us. We are the rightful chosen."

Eventually, each neophyte plunged their dagger into the body of the lifeless girl. Blood was pouring out everywhere as it fl owed into a tray encircling the altar where her lifeless body laid bare. The Devil took the tray of blood and poured it into a skull. He raised the skull of the blood into the air and said, "This is the blood of our enemy. For us, the chosen, we drink to our destiny."

Visibly shaken, each neophyte put down their knives and ordered back to the bench where they originally began their ordeal. The Knights slowly got behind all fifteen neophytes and bound their hands in the back of them once again.

"Kneel down neophytes and bend over the bench", the Devil commanded.

Each neophyte complied. The Knights then remove their robes. All they were wearing were black masks. They were now naked as well as the neophytes. The Devil brought the skull of blood, dipped a quill into it and drew a pentagram on the forehead of each neophyte. With a quick nod to the fifteen Knights, they got behind their assigned neophyte and began to vigorously sodomize them. As the Knight's continued, the Devil brought the skull of blood to the lips of each neophyte and ordered them to drink it. After the last neophyte in line drank from the skull, the Knights stopped, arose and donned their robes once again. The skull was then passed to the Knights to drink and then to the Patriarchs. The Devil chanted "We are the enlightened. We are the illuminated. We are the chosen. For us, the world is ours."

The neophytes in obvious pain and apparent shock were then unbound. Each was handed a robe to put on their naked and bloodstained bodies. One by one they were led back to the altar to read the oath of obedience to the Order. The Knights and Patriarchs chanted "read, read, read," as each neophyte gave the traditional oath to his new family.

The Devil proclaimed after the final taking of the oath by the last neophyte, "You are bound by secrecy to protect and serve the Order. We answer to no one. No nation, no religion, no one is above us. We rule and those beneath us will submit. Those who break our rules will be punished by death. All hail to the Order."

"All hail to the order", chanted the Knights and Patriarchs.

Two other men slowly approached the altar in front of the robe-covered neophytes. One was dressed as the Pope and the other dressed as Don Quixote. The Devil ordered each neophyte to kneel in front of the Pope and kiss his shoes. Each complied. While still kneeling, the Devil grabbed the shoulders of the first in line and turned him around. The figure of Don Quixote was now in front of the first neophyte brandishing a large sword. "I'd dub thee Knight of the Order", he said as the sword touched both shoulders and then the head the neophyte. He continued down the line until each one was ceremoniously knighted.

"You're no longer neophytes," exclaimed the Devil. "You are reborn as Knights of the Order". With that, a round of applause and cheers were heard from the Patriarchs and Knights.

Another Patriarch emerged dressed as Elihu Yale took center stage, as glasses of champagne were distributed around the room. "A toast to the new Knights" he cheered as he lifted his glass. "Long live the power of the Order." "Long live the Order", replied the rest in unison. Elihu Yale then turned to the newly initiated Knights and said, "Your illumination has begun. Each of you has been given a black book with your name inscribed on it and a black and red ribbon tied around it. Never let this book out of your possession. For if you do, our secrets will get out. Guard this book with your life, in order to guard the Order with ours. This book commands us. It tells of our rules, our laws, and our mission on earth. This is your only Bible now. There is no other. Tonight you have passed the first stage of initiation. You, along with thirty others like you, have gone through this same ritual at Oxford in England and Berlin in Germany. We are all brothers who have the exact same mission and goals. You will know them all in time. Your instruction this next year is vital to reaching what we are meant to do in this life. You WILL memorize your new Bible, for you now have the honor and privilege of being a member of the most powerful society in the world, The Brotherhood of Death!"

In another corner of the room stood a caldron of red-hot burning pokers. On the ends of these fire hot pokers was a brand of Skull and Bones. Each new Knight was instructed to put their left arm out as fifteen Patriarchs formed a line as they each picked up a branding iron. Through excruciating pain, but remaining silent, each new Knight was branded, with the mark of the Order.

The older Knights then handed the Patriarchs a black box. The Patriarchs opened the box and took out a solid gold watch, which they proceeded to put it over the burnt wound they had just given the new Knights. "Wear this watch with honor, but also wear this watch to cover the identity of who we are", Elihu Yale exclaimed. "Never let anyone see the mark, unless we meet in secret. You are now, the Chosen. You will have power and wealth that will exceed all of your dreams. In addition to the watch, you now have in your hands an envelope. Open it! Inside, as you can see is $10,000. This is to make your senior year more to our way of life. Upon graduation next year, you will go from Knight to Patriarch. At that time, your mission will truly begin. Through your training this next year, you will be illuminated to the mission and goals of our society, that of the New World Order, that we control and we rule."

The same ritual occurred at Oxford and Berlin that night in 1899. Participating in England were Cecil Rhodes, Lord Arthur Balfour, Lord Alfred Milner, Arnold Toynbee, Sir John B. Seeley, and Lord Albert Grey. These men all possessed great wealth and power. In Munich, the more notable new initiates were Fredrich Krohn, Karl Harrer, Fritz Thyssen, and Eugenio Pacelli. Attending were Dietrich Eckhart, Rudolf von Sebottendorf, and Gottfried Feder.

These men, along with future initiates, such as Heinrich Himmel, Rudolf Hess, Joseph Mengele, and one Adolf Hitler, who later became the head of the Brotherhood of Death in Germany, are all well known for the atrocities they brought on the world. However, the help they were provided by other members of the Order, men such as Prescott Bush and Averill Harriman should not go unnoticed. Other future members would include George Bush, McGeorge Bundy, George Bush Jr., and John Kerry.

On a simulated training mission near Tybee Island off the coast of Georgia in 1958, a B-47 piloted by Howard Richardson had collided with a fighter jet.

Richardson: "Tower, we have a problem. Request landing instructions".

Hunter Army Airfield: "What is the problem?"

Richardson: "We have been hit by friendly aircraft. Mid-air-collision."

Hunter Army Airfield: "Please revert back to Homestead. Our landing strip is under construction."

Richardson "Roger Tower"

Homestead USAF: "What is your status?"

Richardson: "Losing altitude, mid-air collision, damages uncertain, arrow aboard."

Homestead: "Roger, B-47. Jettison arrow offshore. Can you make it here?"

Richardson: "Roger Homestead. We will try."

Pilot Richardson jettisoned the arrow, no. 47782, a Mark 15 Mod o, H-bomb, one of the earliest thermonuclear devices, off the coast of Georgia, near Tybee Island. This was the eleventh broken-arrow that had reportedly been lost in that time span according to US Military records. A fishing vessel witnessed the jettisoning and quickly maneuvered to the area the arrow was dropped. Four men in diving suits plunged into the cold water to find the lost cargo. Within thirty minutes, the boat sailed away.

For the next 10 weeks the US Navy undertook a rigorous search to find no. 47782, but to no avail. Since the mission was simulated, no detonation device was attached to the bomb and the search eventually ended. Four months after the accident, the Atomic Energy Commission suspended all training missions that carried nuclear devices. In total, eleven broken-arrows were never found, or were they?

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