Controversies in Environmental Sociology / Edition 1

Controversies in Environmental Sociology / Edition 1

by Robert White

This is the very first comprehensive Australian textbook on environmental sociology.See more details below


This is the very first comprehensive Australian textbook on environmental sociology.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Edition
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Introduction: sociology, society and the environment Rob White; Part I. Social Perspectives: 1. Old traditions and new ages: religions and environments Doug Ezzy; 2. Social nature: the environmental challenge to mainstream social theory Stewart Lockie; 3 Gender, eco-feminism and the environment Val Plumwood; 4. Animals, nature and human interests Lyle Munro; 5. Governing environmental harms in a risk society Vaughan Higgins and Kristin Natalier; Part II. Social Trends: 6. When the population clock stops ticking Natalie Jackson; 7. Inequality, social differences and environmental resources Roberta Julian; 8. Sustainable technology: beyond fix and fixation Aidan Davison; 9. Think global, act local: scalar challenges to sustainable development of oceans, coasts and islands Elaine Stratford; 10. Citizenship and sustainability: rights, responsibilities and citizen virtues in the global transition Julie Davidson; 11. The environmental movement: where to from here? Bruce Tranter; Part III. Social Issues: 12. Moulding and manipulating the news Sharon Beder; 13. Agricultural production and the ecological question Geoff Lawrence, Lynda Cheshire and Carol Ackroyd Richards; 14. Pathological environments Peter Curson and Lindie Clark; 15. Assessing the social consequences of planned interventions Frank Vanclay; 16. Criminology, social regulation and environmental harm Rob White.

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