Conversations with Mary McCarthy

Conversations with Mary McCarthy

by Mary McCarthy

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University Press of Mississippi
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Literary Conversations Ser.

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McCarthy: Though The Group was different because it's the only thing I've done that wasn't about intellectuals.

Newman: Yes.

McCarthy: That the only intellectual girl, really, in it was off stage throughout the whole book-almost the whole book. I was trying to not deal with bohemians and intellectuals in this particular thing. But I couldn't write a large political novel like Trollope. I don't know anything about the practice of politics in Washington, let's say. And the war novel is out for a woman, unless-I don't know a WASP or something. No, no not a WASP, what do I mean?

Newman: A WAC.

McCarthy: A WAC.

Newman: I just thought-maybe there were WASP's. I think they had to do something to do with flying aircrafts.

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