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Copper Star

Copper Star

4.8 5
by Suzanne Woods Fisher

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Smuggled out of Nazi Germany after working in the resistance, Louisa finds herself waiting out the war in a dusty Arizona copper mining town. Sponsored by the Reverend Robert Gordon, Louisa quickly discovers he is hiding a tragic secret.

Louisa irritates, intrigues, and charms Robert, soon becoming an indispensable part of his household. Trouble begins to brew when


Smuggled out of Nazi Germany after working in the resistance, Louisa finds herself waiting out the war in a dusty Arizona copper mining town. Sponsored by the Reverend Robert Gordon, Louisa quickly discovers he is hiding a tragic secret.

Louisa irritates, intrigues, and charms Robert, soon becoming an indispensable part of his household. Trouble begins to brew when Friedrich Mueller, a prominent resident of Copper Springs and avid Nazi sympathizer, ferrets out Louisa's background. Soon Louisa is once again running for her life.

Can she outfox a fox like Mueller? Or will she be sent back to Germany as a hostage exchange, facing certain death?

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Copper Star 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Copper Star is an exciting and engrossing novel that combines mystery, suspense, history, and wonderfully sensitive characters. I was immediately drawn to Louisa, the spunky and intelligent protagonist. Set in Arizona, during World War II, this novel relays how events in Europe hit home with Americans tucked away in small towns. It is a time of history that we should never forget. I enjoyed Copper Star for its historical aspects, as well as the for the warmth and heart of the characters. I could not put the book down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Verry good read ! I finished it in two days i could not put it down no matter how hard i triad. :)
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Copper Star by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a WWII romance with an exciting helping of romance and intrigue. Louisa Schmetterling has fled her beloved homeland of Germany in 1943 when her work with the underground Resistance movement is threatened by her fear of getting caught. Her mentor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer sends her to his friend from seminary, Robert Gordon who is a minister in the small mining town of Copper Springs, Arizona, where she has a difficult time fitting in. Louisa's outspoken ways shake up the Gordon household where no one speaks of Robert's mysterious missing wife, five-year-old son William has been written off as handicapped, and Aunt Martha runs the house with an iron fist. Louisa's love for others soon has William diagnosed as being mildly deaf and learning to speak, Robert's sermons have added depth from her input, and new pet Dog added as a member of the family. Despite the roots she is putting down, Louisa has no desire to stay in Arizona, feeling called back to her homeland to do something about the atrocities there, and her work in the Resistance just may come back to haunt her, even here in the US, when she crosses the wrong man in town. This is one of Fisher's earlier novels, but it already shows the talent and strong characterization her later books display. Her love for famous Lutheran minister Bonhoeffer shines through Louisa and readers who are unfamiliar with him will be intrigued by this fascinating real-life character. Louisa is a smart and quick-thinking heroine, but it's her love for those around her that make the people of Copper Springs, as well as readers, fall in love with her. The novel is a look at how Americans viewed WWII through the eyes of a German Jewish woman who witnessed it firsthand. Powerful, moving, and exciting, readers will be hooked on Fisher's writing with this book.
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Louisa thought her heart belonged to Germany and the resistance, but she soon finds God has other plans. Louisa loves Germany and is horrified by what Hitler and the Nazi's have done to it. When her position as a resistance worker is compromised, she is swiftly smuggled out of Germany and finds herself in the small town of Copper Springs, Arizona living with Reverend Robert Gordon, his aunt Martha, and his deaf son William. Though Louisa is grateful that Robert has generously offered to let her stay until the war is over, she has a hard time fitting into the Gordon family. Martha's behavior is very cool and even Robert seems to be very distant. However, Louisa finds a fast friend in William. The longer Louisa stays with the Gordon family, the more she becomes an intricate part of it. William adores her and even Aunt Martha begins to warm up. Robert soon finds himself falling in love with Louisa, but he hides a tragic secret concerning his first wife that has left his heart scarred. Louisa also begins developing feelings for Robert, but she desperately tries to deny them. She keeps telling herself that her place is in Germany, not Copper Springs. Will she allow God to guide her life, or stubbornly cling to her own plans? While Louisa and Robert try to sort out their feelings, Friedrich Mueller has discovered Louisa's identity and will stop at nothing to see her sent back to Germany. Will Louisa be able to escape the clutches of the Nazis a second time? Louisa is a courageous heroine. Even though her work with the resistance is risky Louisa always feels like there is more she should be doing. She also feels guilty that she was able to escape while many of her friends and family have been captured by the Nazis. While her will to do good on a grand scale is certainly admirable, at times it prevents her from seeing all the little differences that she makes in her friends' lives every day. Her strong will also prevents her from acknowledging her feelings for Robert until it's almost too late. If she is going to live a happy and fulfilling life, she is going to have to learn to let go a little. Robert and Louisa make a very nice couple. While Louisa tends to be outspoken, Robert is more reserved. He is uncomfortable talking about his painful past and personal feelings. However, with Louisa's help, he starts to open up. I liked watching him gradually reveal the caring man underneath the restrained exterior. While it is clear that both Louisa and Robert are reluctant to express their feelings, I would have liked to see a bit more romance expressed between them to sweeten the story up a bit more. I enjoyed reading Copper Star. It is a tender story filled with love, compassion, and a dash of romance. I recommend it to fans of sweet, historical romances. Originally posted at The Long and Short of It Romance Reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
An outstanding first novel for Suzanne Woods Fisher! Set in a small, Arizona town, the big war in Europe seems distant, and nothing out of ordinary besides the typical war effort of the 1940's. But enter Louisa, a half Jewish girl with charm and spunk--and a commitment to changing the world. Fisher's heroine starts to churn this quiet town, and finds takers along the way, including a passive preacher whose lifeless sermons seem to mask a deep secret. What develops is a truly compelling story that holds you, especially the ending. Dietrich Bonhoeffer¿s spirit influences and hovers throughout the novel. Though already a Bonheoffer fan, reading Suzanne's book inspired me to watch again the recent PBS movie, and deepened my admiration for Bonhoeffer's faith and difficult sacrifice. I loved 'Copper Star'. I was engrossed with the story since it combined my own personal passions travel, music and history. Though set in America, Mrs. Fisher's novel took me back to my years of living in Vienna--the cobble- stoned streets and ancient cathedrals. This book reminded me of the Zion Covenant books by Bodie Thoene, and particularly, 'Vienna Prelude'. I highly recommend this book.