Copyright Essentials for Librarians and Educators / Edition 1

Copyright Essentials for Librarians and Educators / Edition 1

by Kenneth D. Crews

ISBN-10: 0838907970

ISBN-13: 9780838907979

Pub. Date: 09/01/1900

Publisher: American Library Association

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American Library Association
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1Introduction: Background and Acknowledgments1
2Why Is Copyright Important to You?5
Scope of Copyright
3What Works Are Protected by Copyright?7
4Eligibility for Copyright: What Is an "Original Work of Authorship"?9
5Eligibility for Copyright: What Is "Fixed in a Tangible Medium of Expression"?11
6What Works Are Not Protected by Copyright?13
7More Works That Cannot Be Copyrighted: U.S. Government Works15
Formalities and Duration
8Formalities of Copyright: Copyright Notice and Registration17
9More about the Formalities of Copyright19
10How Long Do Copyrights Last? The Duration Question21
11How Long Do Copyrights Last? Unpublished Works24
Owners and Rights
12Who Owns the Copyright? The General Rule and Some Exceptions26
13Who Owns the Copyright? Joint Copyright Ownership29
14Who Owns the Copyright? Exceptions, Assignment, and Institutional Policies31
15The Expanding Rights of Copyright Owners34
16Rights of the Copyright Owner: Reproduction and Distribution38
17Rights of the Copyright Owner: Derivative Works40
18Rights of the Copyright Owner: Public Performance and Display42
19Exceptions to the Rights of Owners44
Fair Use
20Fair Use: What Exactly Is It?48
21Learning about Fair Use: Start with the Statute50
22The First Two Factors of Fair Use: Purpose of the Use and Nature of the Copyrighted Work53
23The Factors of Fair Use: Amount of the Work Used and Effect on the Market55
24Fair Use in the Courts: Quoting from Copyrighted Works58
25Fair Use in the Courts: Photocopying for Education61
26Fair Use in the Courts: More about Photocopying and Reproduction for Education63
27Fair Use and Unpublished Works66
28Experimenting with Fair Use: Moving from Print to the Internet69
29Making Sense of Fair Use: What About Fair-Use "Guidelines"?72
30Making Sense of Fair Use: Fair-Use Guidelines and One University's Response74
Special Exceptions
31Displays and Performances in Distance Learning77
32Library Copying: A Statutory Provision of Its Own81
33Library Copying: Copies to Keep and Copies to Preserve84
34Library Copying: Copy Machines in the Library89
Looking Ahead
35Copyright and New Technologies: Computer Software91
36Copyright and New Technologies: The World Wide Web93
37Requesting Permission from the Copyright Owner95
38Liability for Copyright Infringement97
39What Is at Stake in an Infringement Action?100
40Acting in Good Faith103
Appendix ASelected Provisions from the U.S. Copyright Act105
Appendix BSummary of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act116
Appendix CSummary of the U.S. Copyright Office Report on Distance Education121
Appendix DCopyright Notices for Supervised Library Copying: Updated Information for Library Services125
Appendix EChecklist for Fair Use128
Appendix FSupplemental Reading List, 1998-2000131
Appendix GTable of Cases141

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