Coral Kingdoms

Coral Kingdoms

by Carl Roessler

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The dazzling photographs here frequently divert the reader from an excellent text. Roessler, author of The Undersea Predators, takes us on a diving tour of the world's great coral reefs, pointing out their similarities and differences. He begins with a lucid explanation of the role of ocean currents in reef formation, then discusses predation and coloration among reef creatures. The journey begins in the Caribbean, its garden islands and the Central American coast, both threatened by development; it moves to the Red Sea, with its spectacular reefs endangered by oil tankers, sunken freighters and uncontrolled fishing. Roessler points out the ghostly marine graveyard of World War II ships in Micronesia, and among the caves of Palau we find four species of shark. There are encounters with cuttlefish in the Philippines, turtles and crocodiles in Papua New Guinea. The journey continues to the Galapagos, Baja California, Hawaii, New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Lavishly illustrated, this will appeal to divers, travelers or anyone who enjoys adventure. BOMC dividend. (April)

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