Core Curriculum For Pediatric Emergency Nursing / Edition 2

Core Curriculum For Pediatric Emergency Nursing / Edition 2

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by ENA, Bruce Herman, Lisa Marie Bernardo

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Management Issues1
Ch. 2Ethical and Legal Issues13
Ch. 3The Future of Pediatric Emergency Nursing27
Ch. 4Developmental and Psychosocial Considerations35
Ch. 5Prevention of Illness and Injury49
Ch. 6Health History and Physical Assessment73
Ch. 7Triage89
Ch. 8Telephone Triage97
Ch. 9Children with Special Healthcare Needs111
Ch. 10Transport115
Ch. 11Neonatal Emergencies123
Ch. 12Common Chief Complaints137
Ch. 13Pain Assessment and Management149
Ch. 14Neonatal Resuscitation163
Ch. 15Pediatric Resuscitation169
Ch. 16Respiratory Emergencies177
Ch. 17Cardiovascular Emergencies193
Ch. 18Neurologic Emergencies211
Ch. 19Gastrointestinal Emergencies233
Ch. 20Genitourinary Emergencies251
Ch. 21Musculoskeletal Emergencies271
Ch. 22Dermatologic Emergencies281
Ch. 23Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Emergencies295
Ch. 24Endocrine Emergencies309
Ch. 25Hematologic and Oncologic Emergencies321
Ch. 26Communicable and Infectious Diseases341
Ch. 27Psychiatric Emergencies369
Ch. 28Crisis Intervention and Management389
Ch. 29Mechanisms of Injury401
Ch. 30Initial Trauma Assessment and Intervention409
Ch. 31Head Trauma/Traumatic Brain Injury425
Ch. 32Spinal Cord Trauma431
Ch. 33Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma437
Ch. 34Thoracic Trauma445
Ch. 35Abdominal Trauma451
Ch. 36Genitourinary Trauma455
Ch. 37Submersion Injuries461
Ch. 38Musculoskeletal Trauma465
Ch. 39Burn Trauma477
Ch. 40Shock497
Ch. 41Heat-related Emergencies503
Ch. 42Cold-related Emergencies507
Ch. 43Bites and Stings513
Ch. 44Toxicologic Emergencies521
Ch. 45Hazardous Material and Biochemical Emergencies555
Ch. 46Child Abuse and Neglect573
Ch. 47Child Sexual Abuse585

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