Cosmic Test Tube: Extraterrestrial Contact, Theories and Evidence

Cosmic Test Tube: Extraterrestrial Contact, Theories and Evidence

by Randall Fitzgerald, Randall Complete Fitzgerald, Paul Mendoza

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This is a greatly expanded edition of the author's Complete Book of Extraterrestrial Encounters (LJ 11/15/79). Fitzgerald, a journalist, provides descriptive summaries of over 150 books on ancient astronauts, UFO contactees/abductees, debunkers and skeptics, and the search for radio signals from space. Publication dates range from 1919 to 1997. Fitzgerald provides introductory context for each of the five topic areas. Books were selected based on their impact on public debate, their contribution to scientific understanding, or their thought-provoking content. Well-known authors such as Charles Fort, Eric von Daniken, and Carl Sagan are found here, along with those only UFO buffs will recognize. Added features include a "Guide to Books" with one-sentence descriptions of the titles summarized, an eight-page bibliography, and a detailed index. This selective guide to books on UFOs and related phenomena will help interested readers sort out a very complex topic. Highly recommended for most libraries, especially those having the earlier edition.--Gary D. Barber, SUNY at Fredonia Lib.

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