Cost-Benefit Analysis / Edition 2

Cost-Benefit Analysis / Edition 2

by Richard Layard

This fully revised second edition covers all the main problems that arise in a typical cost-benefit exercise.See more details below


This fully revised second edition covers all the main problems that arise in a typical cost-benefit exercise.

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Part I. Introduction; Part II. Theoretical Issues: 1. Policy reform, shadow prices and market prices J. Drèze and N. Stern; 2. Feasibility constraints: foreign exchange shadow wages A. K. Sen; 3. The rate of discount for cost benefit analysis and the theory of the second best J. E. Stiglitz; 4. Uncertainty and the evaluation of public investment decisions K. J. Arrow and R. C. Lind; 5. Allowing for income distributions R. Layard and A. A. Walters; 6. Project appraisal and planning twenty years on I. M. D. Little and J. A. Mirrlees; Part III. How to Value Things: 7. Research into the value of time The MVA Consultancy et al.; 8. The theory of equalising differences S. Rosen; 9. The economics of safety and physical risk M. W. Jones-Lee; 10. The environment and emerging development issues P. Dasgupta and K. Maler; 11. Resource depletion, research and development, and the social rate of discount P. Dasgupta; Part IV. Case Studies: 12. Enhancing the performance of the deregulated air transportation system S. A. Morrison and C. Winston; 13. Pricing and congestion: economic principles relevant to pricing roads D. Newbery; 14. The allocation of urban transport subsidy S. Glaister; 15. QUALYs and equity-efficiency tradeoff A. Wagstaff; 16. Water vending activities in developing countries D. Whittington, D. T. Lauria, D. A. Okun and X. Mu; 17. Assessing the social rate of return from investment in temperate zone forestry D. W. Pearce.

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