Counseling People of African Ancestry

Counseling People of African Ancestry

by Elias Mpofu

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Leading African and Africanist scholars explore common cultural values in African heritage communities and their practical applications in contemporary counseling.See more details below


Leading African and Africanist scholars explore common cultural values in African heritage communities and their practical applications in contemporary counseling.

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“This innovative and constructive book draws together a rich body of literature from the academic fields of psychology, counseling, health, and disability. It takes this information and cleverly weaves it together with real life African experiences that are brought to life though a series of fascinating narratives. The outcome is a practical tool for change with firm theoretical and cultural foundations. This book is not only essential reading for those interested in counseling people of African ancestry, but also for those seeking to deepen their understanding of how African wisdom relating to interdependence, spirituality, and narrative approaches can positively contribute to Western cultural health systems.”
– Sally Hartley, Professor Emeritus University of East Anglia

“Counseling People of African Ancestry by Dr. Elias Mpofu is one of the most comprehensive and compelling books of this era. Omitted from most textbooks dealing with people from the African Diaspora is the inimitable connection that people across the diaspora share across family, social, political, and spiritual domains. The distinctive contributions of African and Africanist scholars in one collection make this book seminal, and it will be a benchmark for others to imitate. Including research boxes, case studies, and experimental exercises makes this book a must for all human service and allied health professionals, researchers, health educators, and practitioners, not only in the United States, but globally. Thanks so much for this contribution that I will share with my colleagues, friends, and students.”
– Keith B. Wilson, Pennsylvania State University

“Counseling People of African Ancestry is a wonderful addition to the psychological literature. In this book, Mpofu and colleagues highlight critical considerations in counseling African peoples. Section one, which addresses foundations, includes chapters on indigenous healing, the oral tradition, and the role of colonization and identity – important considerations in counseling individuals of African descent. Section two addresses both traditional (school, university, family, pastoral) and unique (refugees, vulnerable children, conflict zones) contexts, as does Section three (applications), which focuses on topics from trauma and disability to HIV/AIDS and career counseling. Based on the work of experts from a wide range of nationalities, this book is an essential reference for students and mental health professionals who are interested in Africans on the continent and in the diaspora.”
– Frank C. Worrell, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

"Counseling People of African Ancestry is a valuable book that brings Africa to the forefront of professional counseling.... Counseling People of African Ancestry is intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in African and African American studies, psychology, education, public health, anthropology, and related disciplines. Mpofu aimed to offer a culturally relevant book that provides a comprehensive and integrated survey of counseling practices for people of African heritage, and he has done so. The textbook is a good resource that can be used by undergraduate and graduate students as well as anyone who wishes to know more about counseling persons of African heritage."
– Dr. Phillip Johnson, Western Michigan University, PsycCRITIQUES

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