Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology

by Frederick Leong, Mark M. Leach

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Pub. Date: 07/01/2008

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Table of Contents

Pt. I History and Professional Development

1 An Occupational Analysis of Counseling Psychology: How Special is the Specialty? Louise F. Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, Louise F. Samuel H. Osipow Osipow, Samuel H. 3

2 Counseling Psychology - The Most Broadly-Based Applied Psychology Specialty Allen E. Ivey Ivey, Allen E. 13

3 Looking to the Future: Themes From the Third National Conference for Counseling Psychology Stephanie S. Rude Rude, Stephanie S. Michael Weissberg Weissberg, Michael George M. Gazda Gazda, George M. 17

4 Transition: from Vocational Guidance to Counseling Psychology Donald E. Super Super, Donald E. 25

5 Trend Analyses of Major Contributions in The Counseling Psychologist Cited From 1986 to 1996: Impact and Implications Lisa Y. Flores Flores, Lisa Y. S. Craig Rooney Rooney, S. Craig P. Paul Heppner Heppner, P. Paul LaVonne Douglas Browne Browne, LaVonne Douglas Mei-Fen Wei Wei, Mei-Fen 33

6 Thirty Years of The Counseling Psychologist: 1969 to 1999 P. Paul Heppner Heppner, P. Paul 57

7 Behold Our Creation! What Counseling Psychology Has Become and Might Yet Become George S. Howard Howard, George S. 67

Pt. II Personal Counseling

8 Rational-Emotive Therapy: Research Data that Supports the Clinical and Personality Hypotheses of RET and Other Modes of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Albert Ellis Ellis, Albert 93

9 A Psychodynamic View of Counseling Psychology Edward S. Bordin Bordin, Edward S. 135

10 Components of the Psychotherapy Relationship: Their Interaction and Unfolding During Treatment Charles J. Gelso Gelso, Charles J. Jean A. Carter Carter, Jean A. 145

11 The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality ChangeCarl R. Rogers Rogers, Carl R. 157

12 Change Processes in Counseling and Psychotherapy Stanley R. Strong Strong, Stanley R. Ronald P. Matross Matross, Ronald P. 167

Pt. III Career Counseling

13 The Meaning of Work in Women's Lives: A Sociopsychological Model of Career Choice and Work Behavior Helen S. Astin Astin, Helen S. 183

14 Megatrends and Milestones in Vocational Behavior: A 20-Year Counseling Psychology Retrospective Fred H. Borgen Borgen, Fred H. 193

15 A Taxonomy of Difficulties in Career Decision Making Itamar Gati Gati, Itamar Mina Krausz Krausz, Mina Samuel H. Osipow Osipow, Samuel H. 221

16 A Theory of Vocational Choice John L. Holland Holland, John L. 239

17 Career-Intervention Outcome: What Contributes to Client Gain? Laurel W. Oliver Oliver, Laurel W. Arnold R. Spokane Spokane, Arnold R. 251

18 Career Counseling in the Postmodern Era Mark L. Savickas Savickas, Mark L. 267

19 A Theory of Vocational Development Donald E. Super Super, Donald E. 279

Pt. IV Cross-Cultural Counseling

20 A Three-Dimensional Model for Counseling Racial/Ethnic Minorities Donald R. Atkinson Atkinson, Donald R. Chalmer E. Thompson Thompson, Chalmer E. Sheila K. Grant Grant, Sheila K. 287

21 Toward a Theoretical Explanation of the Effects of Race on Counseling: A Black and White Model Janet E. Helms Helms, Janet E. 309

22 Toward an Integrative Model for Cross-cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy Frederick T. L. Leong Leong, Frederick T. L. 323

23 Assessing Multicultural Counseling Competence: A Review of Instrumentation Joseph G. Ponterotto Ponterotto, Joseph G. Brian P. Rieger Rieger, Brian P. Ann Barrett Barrett, Ann Rickey Sparks Sparks, Rickey 345

24 Cross-Cultural Counseling Competencies Derald Wing Sue Sue, Derald Wing Joseph E. Bernier Bernier, Joseph E. Anna Durran Durran, Anna Lawrence Feinberg Feinberg, Lawrence Paul Pedersen Pedersen, Paul Elsie J. Smith Smith, Elsie J. Ena Vasquez-Nuttall Vasquez-Nuttall, Ena 353

25 In Search of Cultural Competence in Psychotherapy and Counseling Stanley Sue Sue, Stanley 361

Pt. V Counseling Process and Outcome

26 Empathy and Counseling Outcome: An Empirical and Conceptual Review Gerald A. Gladstein Gladstein, Gerald A. 373

27 A Perspective on the History of Process and Outcome Research in Counseling Psychology Clara E. Hill Hill, Clara E. Maureen M. Corbett Corbett, Maureen M. 383

28 Relation Between Working Alliance and Outcome in Psychotherapy: A Meta-Analysis Adam O. Horvath Horvath, Adam O. B. Dianne Symonds Symonds, B. Dianne 405

29 Client Distress Disclosure, Characteristics at Intake, and Outcome in Brief Counseling Jeffrey H. Kahn Kahn, Jeffrey H. John A. Achter Achter, John A. Erika J. Shambaugh Shambaugh, Erika J. 417

30 Relationship Formation and Relational Control as Correlates of Psychotherapy Quality and Outcome James W. Lichtenberg Lichtenberg, James W. Kara B. Wettersten Wettersten, Kara B. Holly Mull Mull, Holly Rebecca L. Moberly Moberly, Rebecca L. Katherine B. Merkley Merkley, Katherine B. Amy Tiongson Corey Corey, Amy Tiongson 427

Pt. VI Internationalizing Counseling Psychology

31 The Benefits and Challenges of Becoming Cross-Culturally Competent Counseling Psychologists: Presidential Address P. Paul Heppner Heppner, P. Paul 445

32 Toward a Global Vision of Counseling Psychology Frederick T. L. Leong Leong, Frederick T. L. David L. Blustein Blustein, David L. 471

33 A Proposal for Internationalizing Counseling Psychology in the United States: Rationale, Recommendations, and Challenges Frederick T. L. Leong Leong, Frederick T. L. Joseph G. Ponterotto Ponterotto, Joseph G. 477

34 Internationalising Counseling Psychology in the United States: A SWOT Analysis Frederick T. L. Leong Leong, Frederick T. L. Mark M. Leach Leach, Mark M. 493

35 Internationalizing the Counseling Psychology Curriculum: Toward New Values, Competencies and Directions Anthony J. Marsella Marsella, Anthony J. Paul Pedersen Pedersen, Paul 511

36 Counseling in an International Context Paul Pedersen Pedersen, Paul Frederick Leong Leong, Frederick 523

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