Countdown (Athena Force Adventure Series)

Countdown (Athena Force Adventure Series)

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by Ruth Wind

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Hotshot NSA code breaker Kim Valenti had cracked a code revealing a terrorist plot to take over a major TV network...a takeover that Kim learned too late was only a diversion for a far more dangerous threat.


She had just minutes to thwart the real plot--a bomb at a major airport. Kidnapping a member of the



Hotshot NSA code breaker Kim Valenti had cracked a code revealing a terrorist plot to take over a major TV network...a takeover that Kim learned too late was only a diversion for a far more dangerous threat.


She had just minutes to thwart the real plot--a bomb at a major airport. Kidnapping a member of the FBI bomb squad to help her was a start....


Now it was up to Kim--and one angry FBI agent--to find the bomb, defuse it and live to fight another day. Except...was this explosive just the tip of the iceberg?


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By Ruth Wind

Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.

Copyright © 2005 Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-373-51352-6

Chapter One

One day earlier - Monday, October 4

Somehow, Kim Valenti fell asleep next to her lover. It was not something she ordinarily allowed. Maybe it was the long days trying to break a troublesome code. Maybe it was the cold, nearly winter night. Maybe just general weariness. Whatever.

She slept.


And as often happened these days, the nightmares came. Jason, laughing and joking, his big hands and goofy smile - suddenly beheaded. A casualty of war.

He'd been a professional soldier, after all. Sometimes soldiers died in the line of duty.

The dream yanked her out of sleep, her hands raised, her legs thrashing, a yell of protest on her lips. This time, her lover caught her in his sturdy arms.

"Hey," Marc said quietly. "You okay?"

Blinking, shuddering as if she'd nearly fallen off a cliff, Kim wiped her face. "Yeah."

Kim's mother, Eileen, had been plagued by nightmares throughout Kim's childhood, and the children had learned never to awaken her in the usual way, by grabbing a shoulder or an elbow. If she fell asleep on the couch after work, they'd simply stand beside her and call her name quietly until she stirred. To do otherwise was to risk a sharp fist to the face as the soldier she'd been reacted to a threat long past.

Now that she'd lost a son to war, Eileen said she never dreamed at all anymore. Kim had wearily confessed one night, over plates of pasta, that she'd taken it on for her mother. She had regular nightmares about her brother Jason. Her mother had squeezed her shoulder. Sorry, sweetheart.

"Argh!" Kim said, rubbing her eyes. "It's this damned code! It's driving me nuts!"

"You're having nightmares about codes?"

She shook her head. "Not exactly." She couldn't discuss it. Her brother's death was something she didn't talk about, and the code was something she wasn't allowed to discuss with a civilian.

The two things were feeding into each other tonight: Jason, dead in Iraq two years ago, and the Arabic code running through her mind. Endless ribbons of delicate, graceful lettering flowing across the back of her eyelids. Over and over. Almost clicking into place, then sliding away from her.

Kim swore. She wasn't going to be getting any sleep tonight. Even less if she didn't get rid of her lover.

"We're not supposed to be doing this anyway," she said, easing away from him. "No sleeping over."

He groaned, and buried his well-chiseled face into the pillow. Glossy black hair splashed over the white linens. His shoulders, round and smooth, stuck out of the sheet. "Don't make me go."

"You know the rules."

Marc faced her. "What would it hurt if I slept over just once?"

"Nyet, nope, not a chance." She rolled away, slid into the robe she'd left at the foot of her bed. As she tied it, she tried to soften up her line a little bit. "You don't want this to get serious any more than I do. We'd make each other crazy in a week."

He rubbed his perfectly grizzled jaw. "I know, I know."

She liked Marc just fine. He was a safe, warm companion, who made her laugh. They'd dated off and on for more than two years, and neither of them saw anyone else, particularly, but they didn't intend to be serious. No one in his life knew she existed, and no one in hers knew he did. They kept company, sometimes made love, kept each other on track about getting too serious. They were both very ambitious and had no intentions of getting sidetracked from their careers into something as ordinary as love and marriage.

If he'd had a few more brains, he might have been good long-term material, but his IQ just about matched his job: he was a model for a major men's clothing line. Beautiful to be sure, but not someone she felt she could trust for the long haul. It was the perfect arrangement for the short haul.

Marc buried his face. Made a noise. Kim slapped his very nicely shaped butt. "Get moving."

"C'mon. Have a heart." He reached out a big hand with elegantly manicured nails that somehow managed to look rugged anyway. "I'm tired, Kim. Really. It's cold out there. This bed is so comfortable."

She headed for the bathroom. "Nope. You've got to get moving because I've got to work."

"Work? It's nearly midnight. Won't it wait until morning?"

"No. Do you want a shower?"

"No, thanks." Reluctantly, he tossed the covers off and stood up, stretching. Kim allowed herself to admire him. Too bad he wasn't brighter, she thought wryly. He was Italian, handsome, kind, and she had no doubt he'd be a good father. And she could look at him for hours. Trouble was most women could, and he'd age well. She suspected he would be married many times as the years went by.

Just a gut feeling.

He put on his jeans and wandered over to put his arms around Kim. He kissed her neck. "Thanks for a great evening. You know I'm crazy about you."

She patted his hands, allowed the kiss. "Yeah, yeah, Spinuzzi."

Against her neck, he asked quietly, "Did you have a good time, Kim?"

It was unexpectedly vulnerable. Kim cursed inwardly. One of these days, she was going to have to remember that men were not as tough as they wanted women to think they were.

She turned and kissed him. "Always, Marc. I enjoy your company, and you're a great guy. We're just not couple material and you know it."

He squeezed her shoulder and nodded. "You're right, you're right. Go take your shower and I'll call you in a few days."



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A passionate hiker and traveler, there is nothing Ruth Wind likes better than setting off at dawn for a trip--anywhere! New people to meet, new sights to see. Her favorite places so far include the Tasman Sea off the coast of New Zealand, the aromatic and pungent streets of New York City, and the top of her beloved Pikes Peak. Between books, she's currently planning trips to India, China, and a long rest in the damp and misty United Kingdom.

Explore her columns on rambling around France and Scotland, working the marathon to the top of Pikes Peak, and many topics about the writing life at or She loves to hear from readers.

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Countdown (Athena Force Adventure Series) 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Athena Academy graduate Kim Valenti of NSA is terrific in breaking codes and has helped other agencies¿ staff like FBI bomb expert Alexander Tanner with her skills. Though they never met, Kim and Alex have a thriving email repertoire with hopes that one day Windtalker2 and Lex Luther as they respectively sign their electronic correspondence will meet.................... That day occurs when both are assigned to a joint task force looking into Q¿rajn terrorist group activities tied to Berzhaan. They are to work together to determine whether known terrorist Fathi bin Amen Mansour or apparently clean Professor Hafiz abu Malik Abd-Humam is planning an attack on western soil. Though Fathi has used his Oxford educated chemical engineering skills to enact revenge for the deaths of his mother and brothers, he holds the west culpable and Hafiz has only written articles demanding the west leave his country, the two Federal agents know either or both could be the suspect and are assigned to take out the right one..................... The Athena Academy graduates continue to provide action-packed romantic suspense thrillers that grip the audience from start to finish. Kim is a fabulous alumni as she works with and falls in love with Alex, who reciprocates having been three quarters in love just on their email exchanges. The terrorist aspects are handled with dexterity so that the audience receives a fast-paced tale in which a mistake could cost more than your life; it could cost the lives of numerous innocents. Fans will want to know which way the wind is blowing during the COUNTDOWN to a terrorist attack with Kim and Alex trying to abort it................... Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago