Counterpoint to Trafalgar: The Anglo-Russian Invasion of Naples, 1805-1806

Counterpoint to Trafalgar: The Anglo-Russian Invasion of Naples, 1805-1806

by William H. Flayhart

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A little-known sidelight of the War of the Third Coalition was the invasion of Naples in November 1805 by Russian and English forces. It was the principal Allied effort in the Mediterranean during one of the shorter phases of the Napoleonic Wars. Its goal was to preserve the independence of Naples against French aggression. This well-researched and well-documented book recounts the difficulties involved in mounting a joint amphibious expedition in the early 19th century. It examines the logistics, untrustworthy diplomacy, and delayed, insecure communications of the operation. Although the invasion produced no immediate tactical success, it did prove to be a dress rehearsal for later operations in Portugal and Spain, and it lured the French fleet to sea and ultimate destruction at Trafalgar. Recommended for interested lay readers as well as specialists.--David Lee Poremba, Detroit P.L.

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