Country Music Legend: Selected Sides 1950-1959

Country Music Legend: Selected Sides 1950-1959

by Lefty Frizzell

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Disc 1

  1. I Love You A Thousand Ways  - Lefty Frizzell
  2. If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time)  - Lefty Frizzell
  3. Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)  - Lefty Frizzell
  4. Cold Feet  - Lefty Frizzell
  5. Look What Thoughts Will Do  - Lefty Frizzell
  6. My Baby's Just Like Money  - Lefty Frizzell
  7. I Want To Be With You Always  - Lefty Frizzell
  8. Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses)  - Lefty Frizzell
  9. How Long Will It Take (To Stop Loving You)  - Lefty Frizzell
  10. Always Late (With Your Kisses)  - Lefty Frizzell
  11. Mom And Dad's Waltz  - Lefty Frizzell
  12. Treasure Untold  - Lefty Frizzell
  13. Blue Yodel No. 6  - Lefty Frizzell
  14. Travellin' Blues  - Lefty Frizzell
  15. My Old Pal  - Lefty Frizzell
  16. Blue Yodel No. 2  - Lefty Frizzell
  17. Lullaby Yodel  - Lefty Frizzell
  18. Brakeman's Blues  - Lefty Frizzell
  19. My Rough And Rowdy Ways  - Lefty Frizzell
  20. Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold)  - Lefty Frizzell
  21. It's Just You (I Could Love Always)  - Lefty Frizzell
  22. (Darling Now) You're Here So Everything's Alright  - Lefty Frizzell
  23. I Can Spare The Time (I Won't Miss The Money)  - Lefty Frizzell
  24. A King WIthout A Queen  - Lefty Frizzell
  25. Forever (And Always)  - Lefty Frizzell

Disc 2

  1. I Know You're Lonesome (While Waiting For Me)  - Lefty Frizzell
  2. Lost Love Blues  - Lefty Frizzell
  3. That's Me WIthout You  - Lefty Frizzell
  4. Send Her Here To Be Mine  - Lefty Frizzell
  5. Lost Love Blues  - Lefty Frizzell
  6. I'm An Old Man (Tryin' To Love While I Can)  - Lefty Frizzell
  7. You're Just Mine (Only In My Dreams)  - Lefty Frizzell
  8. (Honey, Baby, Hurry) Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me  - Lefty Frizzell
  9. Time Changes Things  - Lefty Frizzell
  10. California Blues (Blue Yodel #4)  - Lefty Frizzell
  11. Never No Mo' Blues  - Lefty Frizzell
  12. We Crucified Our Jesus  - Lefty Frizzell
  13. When It Comes To Measuring Love  - Lefty Frizzell
  14. Sleep Baby Sleep  - Lefty Frizzell
  15. (I'm) Lonely And Blue  - Lefty Frizzell
  16. Before You Go, Make Sure You Know  - Lefty Frizzell
  17. Two Friends Of Mine In Love  - Lefty Frizzell
  18. Hopeless Love  - Lefty Frizzell
  19. Then I'll Come Back To You  - Lefty Frizzell
  20. The Tragic Letter (The Letter That You Left)  - Lefty Frizzell
  21. Two Hearts Broken Now  - Lefty Frizzell
  22. You Can Always Count On Me  - Lefty Frizzell
  23. I've Been Away Too Long  - Lefty Frizzell
  24. Run 'Em Off  - Lefty Frizzell
  25. The Darkest Moment (Is Just Before The Light Of Day)  - Lefty Frizzell

Disc 3

  1. You're Too Late  - Lefty Frizzell
  2. My Little Her And Him  - Lefty Frizzell
  3. I Love You Mostly  - Lefty Frizzell
  4. Mama!  - Lefty Frizzell
  5. Making Believe  - Lefty Frizzell
  6. Moonlight Darling And You  - Lefty Frizzell
  7. I'll Sit Alone And Cry  - Lefty Frizzell
  8. A Forest Fire (Is In Your Heart)  - Lefty Frizzell
  9. Sweet Lies  - Lefty Frizzell
  10. Your Tomorrows Will Never Come  - Lefty Frizzell
  11. It Gets Late So Early  - Lefty Frizzell
  12. I'm Lost Between Right And Wrong  - Lefty Frizzell
  13. Promises (Promises, Promises)  - Lefty Frizzell
  14. Today Is That Tomorrow (I Dreamed Of Yesterday)  - Lefty Frizzell
  15. First To Have A second Chance  - Lefty Frizzell
  16. These Hands  - Lefty Frizzell
  17. Heart's Highway  - Lefty Frizzell
  18. I'm A Boy Left Alone  - Lefty Frizzell
  19. Just Can't Live That Fast (Anymore)  - Lefty Frizzell
  20. The Waltz Of The Angels  - Lefty Frizzell
  21. Lullaby Waltz  - Lefty Frizzell
  22. Glad I Found You  - Lefty Frizzell
  23. Now That You Are Gone  - Lefty Frizzell
  24. From An Angel To A Devil  - Lefty Frizzell
  25. Lover By Appointment  - Lefty Frizzell

Disc 4

  1. Sick Sober And Sorry  - Lefty Frizzell
  2. No One To Talk To But The Blues  - Lefty Frizzell
  3. Is It Only That You're Lonely  - Lefty Frizzell
  4. Tell Me Dear  - Lefty Frizzell
  5. The Torch Within My Heart  - Lefty Frizzell
  6. Time Out For The Blues  - Lefty Frizzell
  7. Why Should I Be Lonely  - Lefty Frizzell
  8. Signed, Sealed And Delivered  - Lefty Frizzell
  9. Nobody Knows But Me  - Lefty Frizzell
  10. Silence  - Lefty Frizzell
  11. Release Me  - Lefty Frizzell
  12. You're Humbuggin' Me  - Lefty Frizzell
  13. She's Gone  - Lefty Frizzell
  14. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues  - Lefty Frizzell
  15. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It  - Lefty Frizzell
  16. I Love You A Thousand Ways  - Lefty Frizzell
  17. If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time  - Lefty Frizzell
  18. Mom And Dad's Waltz  - Lefty Frizzell
  19. I Want To Be With You Always  - Lefty Frizzell
  20. Always Late (With Your Kisses)  - Lefty Frizzell
  21. If You're Ever Lonely Darling  - Lefty Frizzell
  22. Knock Again, True Love  - Lefty Frizzell
  23. The Long Black Veil  - Lefty Frizzell
  24. Farther Than My Eyes Can See  - Lefty Frizzell
  25. My Blues Will Pass  - Lefty Frizzell

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lefty Frizzell   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle
Joe Maphis   Guitar
Skeets McDonald   Bass
Don Helms   Steel Guitar
Grady Martin   Guitar,Leader
Johnny Bond   Vocals
M.C. Berry   Drums
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Bobby Bruce   Leader
Paul Buskirk   Mandolin
Lightnin' Chance   Bass
Ray Edenton   Bass,Guitar
Buddy Griffin   Rhythm Guitar
Buddy Harman   Drums
Eddie Hill   Guitar
Roy M. "Junior" Husky   Bass
Neil Levang   Guitar
J.D. Miller   Rhythm Guitar
Roy Nichols   Guitar
Tommy Perkins   Drums
Wayne Raney   Harmonica,Vocals
Jerry Rivers   Fiddle
Marijohn Wilkin   Piano
Joe Zinkan   Bass
Fred Cantu   Drums
Harold Carmack   Piano
Farris Coursey   Drums
Marvin Hughes   Piano
Jimmy Rollins   Guitar
Jerry Rowley   Fiddle
Norman Stevens   Guitar
Pee Wee Stewart   Fiddle
Bobby Williamson   Bass
Bob Moore   Bass
Paul Blunt   Steel Guitar
Buddy Brady   Fiddle
Eddie Caldwell   Fiddle
Chubby Crank   Drums
Jimmy Dennis   Drums
Eddie Duncan   Bass
Dale Gilley   Steel Guitar
Artie Glenn   Bass
Slim Harbert   Bass
Jimmy Kelly   Steel Guitar
Walter Lenk   Drums
George McCoy   Steel Guitar
Evelyn Rowley   Piano
Bill Simmons   Piano
Lum York   Bass
Jack Youngblood   Fiddle
Wayne Burdick   Steel Guitar
Johnny Sibert   Steel Guitar
Marion Hall   Steel Guitar
Jimmy Curtis   Steel Guitar
Kenneth Baker   Guitar
Bill Callahan   Bass
Edwin Carver   Piano
Paul Brawley   Bass
Harold Lee "Curly" Chalker   Dobro,Steel Guitar
Donald P. Duffy   Bass
C.B. White   Steel Guitar
Benny Fruge   Piano
Jack Gregory   Saxophone
Herby Hall   Steel Guitar
Eddie Harvey   Steel Guitar
Joe Knight   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
William A. Wardle   Piano
Bob Henderson   Fiddle
Hank "Sugarfoot" Crawford   Guitar
Tommy Jackson Jr.   Fiddle
Sammy Pruett   Guitar
Bill Pecci   Drums
Pee Wee Reed   Bass
Marian Adams   Drums
Madge Sutee   Piano
Lou Millett   Guitar
Lauren Otis "Jack" Shook   Guitar
Woody Guidry   Guitar

Technical Credits

Lefty Frizzell   Duet
Johnny Bond   Duet

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