Country Quilts for Children

Country Quilts for Children

by Cheryl A. Benner, Rachel T. Pellman

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For years grown-ups have made quilts as gifts of love for children. Many of these quilts are created in anticipation of a new baby. Some are made to commemorate special events. Others are made for "everyday," simply stitched with love to warm not only the body but also the soul.

Country Quilts for Children provides patterns for any parents or grandparent, relative or friend who wants to create a charming and whimsical quilt for a baby or young child.

A crib quilt, because of its less daunting size, is a project suitable for a beginning quiltmaker. The patterns presented here offer enough detail and challenge to capture the imagination of the most adventuresome quilter, also. A wide-mouthed hippo and its bashful mate, two double-humped camels, trumpeting elephants, a proud and brilliant peacock, and a throng of other animals--from the common to the unusual--frolic in the sunshine on the Noah's Ark quilt. The Circus quilt sports two jaunty elephants, a seal cavorting with a beach ball and a pair of long necked giraffes.

Designed to fit cribs, these quilts work equally well as wall pieces and could decorate a room, either hanging or covering a crib mattress.

Both the Noah's Ark and the Circus quilts use a combination of piecework and applique. Eyes, hoofs, and other animal details are embroidered. The original quilts are done in bright, lively colors. Soft subdued tones would create an equally fascinating menagerie. The finished quilts will certainly be as individual and as interesting as the quiltmakers who make them!

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