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Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack
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Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack

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by Marc Thiessen

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Waterboarding Al Qaeda Leaders Prevented Terrorist Attacks and Saved Thousands of Lives…

Now Barack Obama Wants to Prosecute The Men and Women Who Kept Us Safe

Marc Thiessen knows more than almost anyone outside the CIA about what went on at CIA “black sites” and at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As chief speechwriter for


Waterboarding Al Qaeda Leaders Prevented Terrorist Attacks and Saved Thousands of Lives…

Now Barack Obama Wants to Prosecute The Men and Women Who Kept Us Safe

Marc Thiessen knows more than almost anyone outside the CIA about what went on at CIA “black sites” and at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As chief speechwriter for President Bush, he was given unprecedented access to some of the most sensitive intelligence our government possessed on al Qaeda terrorists. He has since spent countless hours interviewing the men and women involved in the interrogations at every level—from Vice President Dick Cheney to the interrogators themselves. What he reveals is a shocking, thoroughly documented account of just how close we came to suffering follow-on 9/11 attacks, how so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” (including waterboarding) were directly responsible for unearthing the actionable intelligence that foiled them, and the extraordinary measures the Bush administration took to stay well within the bounds of what was not only legally but morally right.

Courting Disaster shows how America’s dedicated intelligence professionals went head-to-head with the world’s most dangerous terrorists, and won—only to have Barack Obama expose America’s secrets to the enemy, endorse smears against our intelligence officers, and put them at risk of prosecution for defending our country. In Courting Disaster, Thiessen reveals:

Why “enhanced interrogation techniques” did not qualify as torture by any objective standard
Specific terrorist plots foiled by the CIA, based on information that came from “enhanced interrogation”—ranging from attacks against Los Angeles and London to the breaking up of an al Qaeda cell that was developing anthrax for terrorist attacks inside the United States
New evidence that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew about and approved CIA waterboarding
The real stories of abuse at Guantanamo—not of the detainees by the guards, but of the guards by the detainees, and how released detainees have returned to the jihad
How the Obama administration is giving captured terrorists more legal rights than are granted to legitimate prisoners of war—and denying our intelligence officers tools that police officers use everyday to question common criminals
How information released by Barack Obama has aided our enemies and put America at greater risk of another terrorist attack

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Meet the Author

Marc Thiessen’s 15-year national security career has taken him from Capitol Hill to the Pentagon and the West Wing, where he served on the White House senior staff as chief speechwriter to President George W. Bush.

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Courting Disaster 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 52 reviews.
Rick_Gregory More than 1 year ago
To those who believe the best way out of terrorism is talking to our enemies are ignorant. When you negotiate with evil, evil wins. Did we negotiate with Hitler? Did we negotiate with the Japanese after Pearl Harbor? Few Americans know of al Qaeda's 2006 plot to hijack seven American jets and blow them up as they crossed the Atlantic. Fewer still know that this was just one of many post-9/11 terrorist plots that were foiled thanks to information obtained by waterbording (more people died at Chappaquiddick than have died at waterbording) the captured 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM). Yet, immediately upon taking office Obama began to dismantle this vital program, and released reams of documents describing the techniques used to interrogate KSM and other terrorists. Obama's release of these documents has done enormous damage to our national security - to Obama supporters: How's that hope and change working for you? COURTING DISASTER contains some of the most sensitive intelligence information our country possesses: the secrets behind how the CIA successfully interrogated the men who murdered thousands on 9/11, and stopped them from killing thousands more. Author Marc Thiessen who worked inside the Bush administration, outlines how America's dedicated intelligence professionals went head-to-head with the world's most dangerous terrorists, got them to tell us their plans, keeping us safe for eight years until Obama exposed their secrets to the enemy - something that used to be called treason. And those guilty of it use to go to prison. Unless you are the anointed one. Obama has lied (which he does on most everything) about the CIA - telling falsehoods that have been widely echoed in the state-owned media - again use to be called treason. COURTING DISASTER challenges Obama and the state-owned media's arguments by refuting the lies that have been made about them. America has gone nearly 8 years without another terrorist attack on American soil for one reason only: in the months and years following 9/11, we captured many of al Qaeda's top operational leaders and got them to tell us what they were planning. Less than one year of Obama's first term, we have had three successful terrorist attacks in the United States. And there are still those who believe we should talk to our enemies? Say what you will about George W. Bush. But eight years under his leadership we had zero attacks. Less than 12 months with Obama - we have had three.
FairReviewer007 More than 1 year ago
In an Administration where the Christmas Day bomber is read his Miranda rights and silenced before being grilled about his terrorist actions, I find it refreshing to read about an Administration that sought to protect all Americans from a second 9/11. Critics may have liked to ridicule George W. Bush but he prevented a second 9/11 during his two terms as president. Barack Obama and his wimpy Attorney General Eric Holder are absolute fools and idiots compared to George W. Bush and his people. George W. Bush pursued and fought terrorists and wasn't in a rush to read terrorists their Miranda rights. In the years ahead, historians will look at George W. Bush and find he is Harry Truman II. Those same historians will look at Barack Obama and shake their heads in disgust and say: "No, he couldn't." America is stuck with Barack Obama and this book makes one turn to God and say: "Thanks for sending America George W. Bush in her time of need." They'll conclude by saying: "Barack Obama. Return to sender asap." For those intellectual midgets who hate George W. Bush, don't read this book. You'll see how stupid and misguided you've been about a truly great U.S. president. Barack Obama: please return that incompetent to sender. Show it live on C-SPAN!!!!!
campaignvet More than 1 year ago
When you are the speechwriter for both the President of the United States and Secretary of Defense it is a given that you can flat out write. But when you read this groundbreaking book you also see that the author has great research skills, which catapults this book into the must read category. Thiessen makes a great case for the use of "enhance interrogation techniques", the continued operation of Guantanamo Bay and for military trials of terroists. He also goes into extensive details about how the Obama Administration through its justice department and executive orders has weaken our intelligence gathering system, leading to a greater chance of a terrorist attack. It is scarily coincidental that just prior to the release of this book the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber incident took place. Like many, reading various newspaper and magazine articles, I thought I was up on the subject of enhanced interrogation techiques, that was until I read this book. The author goes into great detail about the valuable information extracted from terrorists; how terrorits were not willing to talk until these techniques were used; how other terrorist were captured because of the information and how other other terrorist plots were stopped because of the intel. Thiessen also explains how waterboarding (just one of several enhance techniques)is implemented, the extensive safeguards used in developing and implementing it (no its not like the Spanish Inquistion or the Nazis used) and how it has only been used on three or four occaisions and what high ranking levels sign-offs have to be approved before it can be used. And when he writes on Guantanamo Bay make sure that you take your blood pressure medication because you will not believe how the U.S. bends over backwards to provide comfort to these terrorists. Also informative reading is the author's research on enemy combatants and why they should be tried in a military tribunal. This is a can't put down book if you want to know about intelligence gathering and how it impacts our security. There is so much information(and well written) that even if you are are on the other side of the arguement you are going to need to read this book to sharpen up your arguements: the case for "Courting Disaster" is just that compelling!
Tunguz More than 1 year ago
It has been said so many times before that it's become a cliché: the events of September 11 2001 changed everything. What is usually meant by "everything" refers to the way the US and its allies treat terrorists and conduct operations to thwart and punish those who aim to hurt and civilian targets around the World. In the eyes of many, including the Bush administration, the previous paradigm of conducting these operations using the essentially law enforcement tools was completely discredited. A different approach was needed, and the overall moniker that this new approach acquired was "The War on Terror." This name has since acquired a whole host of negative connotations, based on the perception of misuse of power on the part of US government as it pursued its own interests around the globe. However, the main point of calling this a war was to enable all the relevant agencies to use means and methods that are more appropriate for the conduct of war, rather than police actions. The fact that this elicited a lot of controversy is not surprising: the enemy in this war did not operate from a controlled and well defined territory, it did not use conventional military structures and identifications, nor did it respect any conventions of war. This was definitely an unprecedented new kind of conflict, and the Bush administration needed to be very creative in the way it conducted it. One of the major decisions that were made was to treat captured terrorists as enemy combatants, and in particular enemy combatants that were not entitled to full protection of the Geneva Convention. This had many significant consequences. In particular, it allowed US to use "enhanced interrogation techniques" that could never be used on civilians caught during a police action, nor even for the regular war prisoners. Until recently there has been no public acknowledgment that these techniques had been used by the US investigators (CIA in particular) primarily because the Bush administration felt that revealing this fact would jeopardize the national security and make those techniques obsolete. For better or worse, Bush administration's decision to reveal the existence and Obama administration's decision to reveal the details of those techniques has made it possible for everyone to make up their own mind about whether or not those techniques were reasonable, ethical and lawful. By far the most eloquent and unapologetic attempt at defending those techniques thus far has come from Marc Thiessen, a former speechwriter for President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. Thiessen's close associations with the President and Secretary of Defense during all eight years of Bush administration make him eminently qualified to present the defense and the rationale for the use of those techniques. In fact, he wrote President Bush's speech that acknowledged the existence of the enhanced interrogation techniques. In that speech (which is included as one of the appendices) and more broadly in this book Thiessen has aimed to defend and justify the prudence, the morality and the legality of those interrogation techniques. He quotes extensively from first-hand accounts of the interrogations, those who were responsible for the crafting and the implementation of those policies, as well as all the documents that have since become publicly available. The book is also very good at pointing out the deficiencies, misinformation, faulty reasoning, and th
CoffeeBreakPA More than 1 year ago
Marc Thiessen bravely reveals the details surrounding the CIA's methods of interrogation of the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks. He thoroughly vindicates the CIA after President Obama referred to them as "torturers" by presenting the facts of how interrogation methods are used and demystifies the process of "waterboarding". Thiessen clearly details the CIA's success in preventing another terrorist attack on our soil during the past 8 years and how Pres. Obama's actions of closing Gitmo and and persecuting his own CIA staff has undermined the intelligence communities' efforts to obtain valuable information thus making us ripe for another attack by terrorists who blatantly admit that their work is not done. I recommend reading this book and then passing it on to family and friends even though it is eye-opening scary and you may never sleep fitfully again. We need a President who is more concerned with protecting Americans rather than protecting the terrorists!
ColoCatMan More than 1 year ago
The author keeps repeating his same premise over and over in the first half of the book. His research and interviews with the relavant players is imprssive and his interaction with these players and others is extremely critical in substantiating his point. In the final third of the book he builds his case with independant studies of the CIA activities that show minimal infractions while liberals want to focus on one study that shows the infractions in question but refute the independant studies that show no infractions. Eye opening and you see the critical aspects of this presidency.
NimrodGA More than 1 year ago
Courting Disaster takes the reader behind the curtain of some of the most intriguing subterfuge practiced in our national capital. To better understand the dynamics of what is going on in this country, the citizenry must make the effort to be better informed and Courting Disaster is a powerful source of inside information. For those who enjoy being informed I would also recommend, Culture of Corruption by Michele Malkin
Hiwall More than 1 year ago
Opened my eyes to what we did and how we did it to stop terrorist bent on destructon of our way of life Must read as far as I am concerned,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay, you have the liberal media putting their spin on everything. Then there are those who criticize everything that comes out, simply because it goes against what they want to believe or hear. My reasoning was simple when this was sent to me in an email, as a subject to read. Find out what was going on in the White House in 9/11 and the history proof of what the media is basing their views on. From the one who was in the White House as the speech writer, it has a lot of information and I am pursuing the other references to confirm and make my own conclusions about the accuracy of the what the liberal press is shouting about. I have also purchased Jack Goldsmith's Book, and am in the process of obtaining John Yoo's work regarding what is point of view on the entire subject, as all are referenced in the book. I like this at this point.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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