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Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough for Me

Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough for Me


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Jasmine Music


Disc 1

  1. Land, Sky and Water
  2. Red River Moon
  3. Cowpoke
  4. The Oregon Trail
  5. The Old Trail
  6. Love Song of the Waterfall
  7. On the Plains Away Out There
  8. Rogue River Valley
  9. Old Painted Desert
  10. Happy Yodelling Cowgirl
  11. Sundown Lullaby
  12. Bronco Bustin' Blues
  13. Sioux City Sue
  14. Hawaiian Cowboy
  15. Happy Cowboy
  16. Goodbye My Little Cherokee
  17. Texas Lil
  18. The Lone Cowboy
  19. Square Dance Polka
  20. Patent Leather Boots
  21. Going Back to Wyoming
  22. I'm Gonna Throw My Lasso
  23. A Four-Legged Friend
  24. Riding the Trail (Your Saddle Is Empty Tonight)
  25. West of Rainbow Trail

Disc 2

  1. Yellow Rose of Texas
  2. Wagon Wheels
  3. Trailrider's Moon
  4. Is the Range Still the Same Back Home?
  5. Shoot Him High Paw
  6. At the Rainbow's End
  7. Midnight on the Colorado
  8. Little Joe the Wrangler
  9. Blue Montana Skies
  10. I'm Rockin' to the Rockies
  11. When the Coyote Howls (At Twilight)
  12. Yippi Ki Aye
  13. Beautiful Girl of the Prairie
  14. Arizona Waltz
  15. The Range in the Western Sky
  16. Ranch in the Rockies
  17. A Pair of Silver Spurs
  18. Over the Trail
  19. The Cowboy
  20. Down by the Old Sliprail
  21. Blue Canadian Rockies
  22. Land Beyond the Sun
  23. Shadows on the Trail
  24. A Mother's Faith
  25. There's a Bridle Hanging on the Wall

Disc 3

  1. The Stockman's Lullaby
  2. The Strawberry Roan
  3. Cowpuncher's Waltz
  4. Cowboy's Roundup Song
  5. Moonlight on the Prairie
  6. There's a Love Knot in My Lariat
  7. Pale Moon
  8. Ridin' with My Gal
  9. Broken Down Cowboy
  10. Old Arapahoe Trail
  11. Prairie Rose
  12. Ridin' 'Neath the Arizona Moon
  13. Who Shot the Hole in My Sombrero?
  14. Je Susis un Cowboy Canadien
  15. Teardrops in My Heart
  16. When the Bloom Is on the Sage
  17. Cowboy's Dream
  18. Tundra
  19. Rhythm of the Range
  20. Saddle Serenade
  21. Prairie Lullaby
  22. A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough for Me
  23. Sweet Little Cherokee
  24. Tonight in the Twilight
  25. Back in the Saddle Again

Disc 4

  1. Old Chisholm Trail
  2. Blue Texas Moonlight
  3. Little Old Sod Shanty
  4. Waltz of Colorado
  5. The Outlaw
  6. Going Back to My Little Western Home
  7. Sierra Sue
  8. The Cowboy's Dying Dream
  9. The Story of Parson Joe
  10. Ride Tenderfoot Ride
  11. Campfire of Dreams
  12. The Rovin' Gambler
  13. Before the Dawn
  14. Beautiful Ohio
  15. Alla en el Rancho Grande (My Ranch)
  16. I'm an Old Cowhand
  17. Covered-Wagon Lullaby
  18. Cattle Call
  19. Red River Valley
  20. Halfway to Montana
  21. Missouri Valley
  22. Riding Down the Valley
  23. I'll Ride Back to Lonesome Valley
  24. Will I Meet Old Faithful Up Yonder?
  25. I'm Hittin' the Trail

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