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Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

4.2 9
by Kaori Tsutaya

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Got fur balls?

Are your favorite sweaters covered with cat hair? Do you love to make quirky and one-of-a-kind crafting projects? If so, then it’s time to throw away your lint roller and curl up with your kitty! Crafting with Cat Hair shows readers how to transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts. From kitty tote bags and


Got fur balls?

Are your favorite sweaters covered with cat hair? Do you love to make quirky and one-of-a-kind crafting projects? If so, then it’s time to throw away your lint roller and curl up with your kitty! Crafting with Cat Hair shows readers how to transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts. From kitty tote bags and finger puppets to fluffy cat toys, picture frames, and more, these projects are cat-friendly, eco-friendly, and require no special equipment or training. You can make most of these projects in under an hour—with a little help, of course, from your feline friends!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Yes, you read correctly: cat hair is the principal material involved in this craft. And no, no cats were harmed in the making of the book. Tsutaya is a cat fancier who’s come up with one of the more inventive techniques for recycling: use those clumps of fur you brush off your cat (or pick off your black clothing before heading to work in the morning). A bonus is it’s good for the cat. Tsutaya gives instructions for 10 projects, starting with easy finger puppets and going up to mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves to which cat-hair felt shapes are applied. Instructions for care of the craft items and the source of the material are included, as is a gallery of photos of the donors. Intensely cute; it will be lost on dog lovers. (Oct.)
From the Publisher
“The year’s most unconventional crafting book.”—Associated Press
“This dandy little guide shows how to turn stray clumps of cat hair into soft and adorable handicrafts.”—Tucson Citizen

"There's no other word for this book except: purrfect." —Los Angeles Times

“Intensely cute…”—Publishers Weekly

“Quirky and the projects are super easy.”—OregonLive.com
“It caught our attention.”—The Huffington Post

“You may think kitties are only good for getting hair all over your favorite chair and eating more kibble than you thought possible but Crafting with Cat Hair will show you how to turn cat hair into mittens, tote bags, book covers and more.”—CraftFoxes.com
Personal projects that celebrate your cat and they look as cute as can be!”—Neatorama
“Put those furballs to work for YOU!”—Suvudu

“It’s bizarre, to be sure, but the appliques are kind of cute, too. This is a good one for your cat-loving crafty friends (and you know you have them).”—Austin American Statesman

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Read an Excerpt

Can I really make crafts with my own cat’s hair?
SUPPLIES: I have a cat. What else do I need to craft with cat hair?
PROJECT 1: Finger Puppets
This is the first step! You can make these finger puppets out of the hair you brush off your cat.
It is recommended for your cat’s health.
PROJECT 2: Book Covers
Apply cute cats to homemade book covers.
The color and texture of your cat’s undercoat is different from its topcoat.
PROJECT 3: Portraits
Remember your pet forever.
What is the difference between sheep wool and cat hair?
PROJECT 4: Tote Bags
Carry your cat all around town.
Cats do not naturally produce any bad smells, and neither does their hair.
PROJECT 5: Coin Purses
Save your pennies in a cute cat coin purse.
Take care to prevent pesky bugs from latching onto your cat’s hair and your cat-hair crafts.
PROJECT 6: Knickknack Boxes
Recycle milk cartons and cat hair to make adorable knickknack containers.
These crafts are not recommended for people with cat allergies.
PROJECT 7: Pincushions
With an old sweater and some cat hair, you can make crafty cat pincushions.
The amount of hair that comes off your cat varies with the seasons.
PROJECT 8: Badges
Show the world how much you love kitty crafts.
Cats are naturally eco-friendly—and so are cat-hair crafts.
PROJECT 9: Mittens and Gloves
Tuck your mitts inside cozy cat coverings.
Advice on the proper handling of cat-hair crafts.
PROJECT 10: Hats and Scarves
Wrap your head and neck with warm kitty-inspired winterwear.
Different cat brushes you can buy.
Meet the cats who donated their hair for these projects.
Make something special with your cat.

Meet the Author

Born in Tokyo, Kaori Tsutaya is a cat lover and freelance writer whose writings have been published in magazines and special-interest books. Many of her published works are based on the subject of cats and include articles, photography, and books on crafting.

Her blogs “The Laws of the Cat” (nekono-okite.cocolog-nifty.com) and “The Cat Hair Craft Room” (nekoke.com) are popular in Japan. 

Amy Hirschman is a translator, crafter, and pop-culture enthusiast living in California. She studied Japanese for four years at the University of Pittsburgh and has lived in Japan. Though she is not a cat owner, her friends will attest that she is the greatest cat sitter they have ever had. This is her first published translation.

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Crafting with Cat Hair 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
CuteEverything More than 1 year ago
If you've ever seen the amount of hair that comes off your cat when you brush it, especially in the spring, you've probably wondered if there's anything useful to do with it. In Crafting with Cat Hair, author Kaori Tsutaya shares her discovery of how to use cat hair to make super easy felt crafts. Felt is incredibly simple to make (even out of cat hair!), only needing tangled fibers that you compress to turn into delightful crafts. Most of the crafts in this book don't even need sewing skills, really only using a using a felting needle and sponge to complete the projects. Crafting with Cat Hair includes instructions on how to make charming finger puppets and mini portraits of your cat entirely out of cat hair and then goes on to crafts like tote bags, mittens and gloves that you can apply the cat felt on top of. The book also contains several two page spreads of cat facts from why cats have no smell, to the differences between a topcoat and an undercoat. And the back of the book includes profiles of the sweet felines who "donated" hair to the book. My favorite project was the lovable three-dimensional mini portraits you can make of your own cat. I can't wait to make one of my Siamese kitten once he's sheding enough hair, his portrait will be (almost) as cute as he is!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Vibrantly designed book with some really adorable crafts. A must-read for cat people!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have a very lazy cat. Her name is Spaz, and she sheds enough in three days the make a full mouse. I love cats andd how their cuteness is often captured in pictures and stored in published books. I found this cute cover with a cute title, so I decided to try it. I was amazed to find out that in the month or two, I threw out enough hair to make like seven finger puppets! This book is great for people who sweep up and turn around, and theres a another pile of cat hair. I would highly reccomend this. ~ Shadowcat
sunsetrider More than 1 year ago
I am not a crafty person (last in line when God was handing out talent in that area), but I do have a cat. And she Sheds! I brush her often and with her offerings my friends are trying out the projects. Rather, I hang around for support, snack, and drinks while they have fun. I never realized what you could do with cat hair besides complain about it. The finger puppets are great for kids.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like cats and I like crafts!
bncomplus More than 1 year ago
Who knew about cat hair?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You never know what somebody will write about.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Needs medkit