Crash Course (Hover Car Racer Series #1)
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Crash Course (Hover Car Racer Series #1)

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by Matthew Reilly, Pablo Raimondi

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Imagine twenty fighter jets racing around a twisting, turning aerial track, ducking and weaving and passing at insanely high speeds, and you've just imagined a hover car race.

Fourteen-year-old Jason Chaser is a hover car racing phenom who against the odds has been admitted to the prestigious International Race School. With his kid brother, Bug, who


Imagine twenty fighter jets racing around a twisting, turning aerial track, ducking and weaving and passing at insanely high speeds, and you've just imagined a hover car race.

Fourteen-year-old Jason Chaser is a hover car racing phenom who against the odds has been admitted to the prestigious International Race School. With his kid brother, Bug, who doesn't speak, as his navigator, he's competing against the best of the best, including his hometown rival, the obnoxious Barnaby Becker; the fiercely determined Ariel Piper, the first girl ever admitted to the school; and a mysterious driver in black, who never seems to lose. With tyrannical instructors, sabotaged equipment, and the most intense competition he's ever faced, can Jason prevail?

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Bestselling author Reilly (Area 7; Ice Station) takes a rough detour into the world of children's books with the first book in the paper-over-board Hover Car Racer series, set in the near future ("Since hover technology required no gasoline to fuel it, the oil-producing countries of the Middle East crumbled"). Readers meet 14-year-old Australian Jason Chaser, who is determined to become a champion racer. His 12-year-old brother, Bug, serves as navigator for Jason during his races, though the brothers' relationship runs even deeper (the nearly autistic but mathematically brilliant Bug only communicates by whispering in Jason's ear). Jason places last in the Indo-Pacific Regional Championships, but nonetheless receives an invitation from Scott Syracuse, a famed ex-racer, to enter Race School and train to become a world-class racer. There Jason meets Ariel Piper, the only female student (resulting from a Citadel-esque legal coup), and he soon discovers that someone is sabotaging their cars. Jason races both to figure out who has it in for them and-against all odds-to win a coveted spot in the Sponsors' Event ("a feature race held in front of the schools' sponsors, benefactors, and famous ex-students"). Raimondi contributes stylized comic book-style pen-and-inks, and 3D maps of each race course begin various sections of the book. Unfortunately, racing clich s (e.g., the requisite photofinish), stock characters and a predictable plot make this feel like a treatment for a summer blockbuster movie. Ages 10-up. (June) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
School Library Journal
Gr 4-8-Jason Chaser, 14, and his shy but brilliant 12-year-old brother (nicknamed "The Bug") are the youngest driver-and-navigator hover-car racing team invited to attend the prestigious International Race School in Tasmania. What they lack in age, though, they make up for in skill, determination, and ingenuity. And having a world-class star like Scott Syracuse as a mentor does not hurt. However, the Australian brothers are not really prepared for the mean-spirited and downright terrifying treatment they receive upon arrival. Sure, hover-car racing is a dangerous sport, but when the competition is intent on physically destroying you, your chances of survival are reduced pretty dramatically. The first in a series, this futuristic adventure (with appealing illustrations by a Marvel Comics veteran) is certainly fast-paced, action-packed, and (thankfully) slim. Reilly's writing, though, is painfully sloppy and the text is heavy with groan-inducing clich s. This novel seems to find its only true inventiveness in Reilly's descriptions of the vehicles and rules involved in this sport. An acceptable addition to a fast-and-easy section for the 10- to 14-year-old set, but by no means a "must-have."-Jeff Katz, Queens Borough Public Library, NY Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Hover Car Racer Series , #1
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5.10(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.70(d)
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10 - 14 Years

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Crash Course (Hover Car Racer Series #1) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is about a 14 year old hover car racer Jason Chaser. he faces normal teen things but is on his way to the biggest race. This is going to be a sport of the future and i can't wait.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a must read, its got the edge of your seat feeling. this book sends you for a whirl, its bone chiling races and phenominal race finishes i really recomend this book for a good time and for race car fans, also fun and exciting for kids to read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hover car racer crash course By: Ethan Fischbein This book is written by Matthew Reilly. Jason Chaser and his brother Bug are in a state race for a spot in the International Race School. This hover car racing school is the best known school in the world. After the 8th place finish in the race this tutor at the school wants them to come for a year at race school. The race school has 25 different races per year. The winner after 25 races moves on to the pros. After the first five races of the season Jason has won none. Jason noticed his engines were only ten percent charged when he got them. He thought the cheater Xavier Xondra had uncharged them. After 24 races Jason still hadn¿t won a race. He needed to win this race to make it to the big race, so he could get professional sponsors. It came down to 1.6 centimeters that Jason beat Xavier by to win the last race. He was in the Big Race! My overall opinion on this book was that it was great! The book was very exciting to read because there was always the action of the races and Jason¿s racing skills. In this book I was almost able to feel like I was in it because the action and description of all the races pulled me into the book. The main conflict did interest me because all of the characters problems and efforts to make it by this race school and into the pros made it very interesting and catchy. The characters in this book were mostly all realistic except Xavier. He was the prince of a country that didn¿t exist and his traits weren¿t all real. Toward the end of the book it was very interesting but then it was a giant cliffhanger. Nothing was answered so I was disappointed. This author had a very neat writing style. This author¿s voice was a very descriptive one. He said a lot of metaphors and similes. This author had very neat vocabulary because he used future made up words and made them sound like they were real words. I¿ve never read anything like it. The authors¿ characteristics were definitely his vocabulary and his way to describe future things like they had already been created. The author used tons of description. Almost every paragraph there was something new that he was describing. If you like books that are very unique and have new material this is the BEST book to read. I would recommend this book who likes a different book every once and a while. This is a very original book. This book is better than most other books I¿ve read. It is a one of a kind book that most people will like. This book I recommend to young boys. Overall this book definitely caught my attention. I was addicted to it especially during the races. I am definitely going to read the 2nd book. You will find this book very interesting.