Crazy Horse: A Photographic Biography

Crazy Horse: A Photographic Biography

by Bill Moeller, Bill

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For all of his fame, much about Crazy Horse remains obscured in time and controversy. His name, for instance, has been anglicized as "crazy," whereas the true meaning among the Lakota Sioux was closer to "mystical." The year of his birth, the nuances of his personality, even his burial site are uncertain more than a century after his murder. Even the man's personal appearance is a mystery—he never allowed himself to be photographed and none of his personal possessions have survived. In reconstructing the life of this romantic and troubled warrior, authors Bill and Jan Moeller have adopted a novel approach—a biographical narrative interspersed with more than 100 color photographs of the western lands through which he rode, hunted, and fought for his people. It is as if the man himself can best be discerned by viewing the scenery and landmarks his eyes fell upon throughout his life. The authors confess that their admiration for the doomed warrior has probably overcome their attempts at strict objectivity. That might be so, but their reconstruction of his life and personality is moderate and smoothly written, and their interpretation is certainly as sound as any other. As for the photographs—they are, in a word, superb. The plains, hills and watercourses are achingly beautiful, shown in their pristine and lonely splendor. Only a scattering of weathered tombstones along the Little Bighorn betrays the mark of man. In the final analysis, this is a mood book, an emotional interpretation of a man's background and natural heritage. As a portrayal of Crazy Horse, it is more than enough. KLIATT Codes: SA—Recommended for senior high school students, advanced students, andadults. 2000, Mountain Press, 157p, illus, bibliog, index, 23cm, 00-010744, $20.00. Ages 16 to adult. Reviewer: Raymond L. Puffer, Ph.D.; Historian, Edwards Air Force Base, CA, May 2001 (Vol. 35 No. 3)

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