Crazy Love

Crazy Love

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by Desiree Day

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From a bright new voice in African American women's fiction comes a sexy, scandalous, and scintillating novel set in steamy Atlanta.
Stacie Long thinks she's God's gift to men and she keeps a list of qualities (phat ride, freak in bed...) that she's looking for in an ideal mate. But behind all her confidence she's got a secret — one that even her best


From a bright new voice in African American women's fiction comes a sexy, scandalous, and scintillating novel set in steamy Atlanta.
Stacie Long thinks she's God's gift to men and she keeps a list of qualities (phat ride, freak in bed...) that she's looking for in an ideal mate. But behind all her confidence she's got a secret — one that even her best friend doesn't know about, one that may just keep her forever searching for her perfect man.
Tameeka Johnson is a successful businesswoman who owns one of Atlanta's top wellness shops. But even with business booming, success in her bedroom is at an all-time low. Then, when she meets her black prince — a loving man who promises to treat her like gold — her insecurities about her sizeable body may just keep her from living the dream.
Stacie and Tameeka are super tight, but their friendship is tested by sexy NBA players, baby mama drama, and temptations like they've never known before. Because if there's one thing these girls like better than each other, it's men.

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Crazy Love

By Desiree Day


Copyright © 2005 Desiree Day
All right reserved.

ISBN: 1416503501

Chapter 1:

What I Want in a Man

1. Must be nine inches or bigger

2. He must be six-feet-one-inch or taller

3. He must have light eyes, green or gray

4. Must have soft curly hair -- none of that nappy shit

5. Gotta have Shemar Moore's cheekbones

6. Gotta be able to wear a mesh muscle shirt and look good in it

7. His ride gotta be phat

8. He must be making at least $80K (after taxes)

9. No kids -- I don't need any baby momma drama

10. He'd better be a freak in bed

Stacie Long ran her index finger down the list and mentally placed a check mark after nine of the items. This was her list. The nonnegotiable items she wanted in a man. It had been revised, scrutinized and analyzed more than Bill Clinton's love life. A frown marred her pretty face, so much so that the space between her eyebrows looked like a halved prune. She was draped across a velvet couch, reviewing her list as if it was the Holy Grail. So intent on her list, she missed the hateful glares that were shot at her from the women who wanted to sit and rest their feet.

"Nine out of ten...not bad. Not bad at all," she said, laughing softly. Her body tingled with excitement. If she hadn't been sitting in the ladies' lounge in the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta on New Year's Eve, she'd be howling with joy. Right now all she dared was a smug laugh. It was too easy...way too fucking easy, she thought.

Men usually sniffed after her the same way a fat man sniffed after a Big Mac, with desire, longing, greed and lust. At five-feetnine and one hundred thirty-five pounds, she was all woman; the red sequined dress she had slithered into earlier that evening loved her because it hugged every inch of her body. The color of warmed honey, with high cheekbones and full lips, she had a butt that made many a man stop dead in his tracks. Depending on when you saw her, her hair was either grazing her shoulders or kissing her ears. Tonight, she had it parted in the middle and the bone-straight strands framed her artfully made-up face. Blush lingered on her high cheekbones; fireengine red lipstick glistened on her full lips and little sparkles glittered playfully on her mascaraed eyelashes.

Two women dressed to the nines were standing a few feet away from Stacie. Their heads were so close together that they looked like Siamese twins. "You know what? You can't take us out anywhere, look at her," muttered the one wearing a pair of toe-pinching shoes. "It wouldn't surprise me one bit if I saw her walking out of here with a plate of food. I bet she has a roll of aluminum foil in that Wal-Mart-looking bag of hers."

"Mmm," the other one agreed. "We should tell her to get her ass up!"

"Yeah!" The lady in the toe-pinching shoes hissed to her friend. But neither moved. Instead, one reached into her purse for lipstick. The other grabbed her cell phone and shrugged lightly; who needs a fight on New Year's Eve?

Stacie snuggled deeper into the plush cushions. A satisfied gleam brightened her eyes. This was her type of party. Men, fine men, were everywhere for the taking, fine, wealthy men, that is. They were like apples on a tree, hanging around for the picking. Atlanta had a lot of them. Not only that, but only the creme de la creme attended Atlanta's Annual Sexy and Sultry New Year's Eve Bash. So far she had spotted the mayor doing her thing on the dance floor, former Ambassador Andrew Young and Denzel Washington huddled together near the buffet and a former child star working the room like a twentydollar-an-hour whore. Yep! This was her type of party.

It was only ten o'clock, but her evening purse was bulging with business cards. Where other ladies had to work for the numbers, men nearly threw their cards at Stacie. She'd hold on to them and sort through them tomorrow morning. Then she'd organize them by jobs -- doctors, lawyers and professional athletes on top, everybody else on the bottom. But tonight, she'd gotten the one number she'd been chasing for the past six months, Crawford Leonard Wallace III. An NBA player and a multimillionaire, his family was well known and respected in Atlanta. Single, six-foot-seven, curly, sandy-colored hair and hazel eyes, he was as fine as Shemar Moore and sexier than Michael Jordan.

Stacie was so excited that she shimmered, and that's how her best friend and roommate, Tameeka Johnson, found her: stretched out on the couch and wearing a grin so wide that it looked painful. "Whassup with the grin? You look like you just found a million dollars."

"You close, girl. Very close," Stacie crowed gleefully. She didn't say anything for a couple of seconds, but then her secret started bubbling up and she whispered to Tameeka, "You are not gonna guess who I met tonight. You're not gonna guess. I know you're not," she taunted her friend. Before Tameeka got a chance to reply, Stacie blurted out her news and a collective gasp of envy went up throughout the lounge, followed by dead quiet. All ears turned to Stacie.

"Oh, is that all?" Tameeka gave Stacie a dismissive wave of her hand. "I thought you had hooked up with a ten-incher. That's cool, girl. So you finally snagged your baby's daddy. He's aw'ight, but I've seen better." Tameeka sniffed, then turned to the mirror and pretended to check her makeup. She was really watching Stacie's reaction to her reaction and trying to suppress a laugh at the same time.

Where Stacie was drop-dead gorgeous, Tameeka was borderline pretty. The color of creamy peanut butter, five-foot-five and one hundred seventy-five pounds, she was rarely treated to a head-swiveling, tongue-dropping look from a man. If she did, it was because his eyes zeroed in on her size 44D breasts.

"Meek!" Stacie wailed. Tameeka couldn't hold in her laughter any longer. "You know I'm only playing, girl," she said. "Whassup? Have you whipped that Stacie magic on him yet?" she teased good-heartedly.

"Oh, I'll do that later," Stacie answered in a voice dripping with confidence. "Maybe sooner than later," she said. Then she looked around at the other ladies, who were all pretending not to be listening, and said very loudly, "He's a ten-incher or more," she boasted. "Dude got three legs. I can tell these things. Some women look at the shoe size, I look at the finger width. If he got thick fingers, then he got a thick di -- you know what. The pants were loose, but it was in there!"

"Girl! You gotta get a piece of that. If you don't, somebody else will," Tameeka threatened.

Stacie gave a short nod. "Hey, what about you? You didn't meet anybody, did you?"

"I did too meet somebody," Tameeka answered defensively, and then suddenly laughed when she realized how juvenile she sounded. "As a matter of fact, I met a lot of somebodies. You're not the only one who got it going on tonight," she answered as she bowed her head and hid a nervous grin. Tonight, she'd met her soul mate.

"Oh really? Do tell," Stacie encouraged. "There are a lot of fine men out there. So which bodies did you meet?"

"I'll tell you later," she said, then changed the subject. "So whassup? Why are you sitting in the bathroom talking to me, when you got Mr. Wonderful on the other side of the door waiting to sweep you off your feet?" Tameeka asked, eager to get back to her new guy friend; she didn't want to leave him alone too long, the women were vicious. Something about New Year's Eve turns a woman into a man-stealing, I-don't-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-alone ho.

"I know, girl! Give me a minute, Meek; I need to run to the bathroom," Stacie called over her shoulder as she rushed past a group of preening women.

Inside the stall, Stacie let out a long breath and frowned. She had promised herself that she wasn't going to do it tonight. The day before she had done it twenty times, and yesterday she'd done it eighteen times and earlier today she'd done it seventeen. Her face glistened; the makeup couldn't hide the sweat that popped out over her face. Her palms became sweaty and she rubbed her hands together in an attempt to dry them; it didn't work, they only became soggier. She prayed silently to herself that the urge would pass. But it didn't. As she knew it wouldn't. Instead, the urge continued to grow. It seeped into her body like a nasty virus, and there was only one way to assuage it.

"I have to do it," she said in a tortured whisper, then snatched off her right shoe, a red strappy number, and brought it up to her nose. She inhaled deeply, and then took nine more quick sniffs as a calm came over her, blanketing her with a confidence that almost covered her shame...almost. The left shoe was next and the smell was even sweeter. She felt reborn. And it showed. Her face glowed; her pulse slowed and a crooked smile graced her face. Eyes sparkling, she pushed open the stall door.

"Let's show the brothas how we do it!" she said as she grabbed Tameeka's arm, then strutted out of the room.

& copy 2005 by Desiree Day


Excerpted from Crazy Love by Desiree Day Copyright © 2005 by Desiree Day.
Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Desiree Day has worked in the banking, telecommunication, and information technologies industries, as well as in academia. Her fiction has appeared in Woman's World and on the Internet. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Crazy Love 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tameeka and Stacey are two women living in Atlanta who are in search for the right man. Stacey's idea of the perfect man is based on a list that she swears by. She dates men who are not interested in her or any type of committement. She eventually finds love, however the man she falls in love with does not have all of the qualities that were in her list. She eventually realizes that her list is not important. On the other hand, Tameeka finds love before her best friend, Stacey, however, she ruins the relationship with her insecure and cheating behavior. Both of these women learn alot of life lessons through their relationships. 'Crazy Love' is a great book. It highlights some of the common problems and concerns that everyday people encounter in relationships. Stacey's ideals about what the perfect man were all wrong. She learns this through her relationship with Jackson. She matures alot and learns alot about herself. I reallly enjoyed reading about Stacey's issues and how she learns to resolve her past and present. Tameeka's character was not as strong but it was realistic. Tameeka seemed to be the character that I thought would find long lasting love and it turns out that she did not. Overall, it was a great read and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was amazed. Two women in my opinion had the same problems. Insecurities. They needed love and a stable foundation to stand on. Especially Stacie who asked for too much. I loved the character Jackson, he totally was one my favorite characters. He was strong and such a caring father. This is book is going places and I wish to see a sequel about Tameeka and Mohammed and their love and if Tyrell is still lingering and Stacie and Jackson marriage and her being a mother.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I LOVED reading about Tameeka's and Stacie's lives. Ms. Day's writing is vibrant. I found a little bit of myself in Tameeka and Stacie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I wish I could get a refund. This book left me disgusted. It follows the lives of two stereotypical women (one who is overweight and successful but with extremely low self esteem, and the other a sexy bum who uses her body to get what she wants) who are so predictable. The author attempts to show that the characters grow personally but fails miserably leaving one character to basically still be a dumb hoe and the other still desperate, beating herself up thinking she should accept blatant disrespect in a relationship. Two thumbs down. Hopefully there will be no sequel.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Atlanta, best friends Stacie Long and Tameeka Johnson totally disagree on what they desire in a man. Whereas Stacie has a list of ten items that she has revised several times to improve the attributes of her desire, Tameeka has one requirement. She just wants to meet her soul mate while Stacie assumes she is God¿s gift to mankind so deserves a wealthy healthy specimen. --- Neither have had any success in finding The Hunk. Both attend the Sexy and Sultry New Year¿s Eve gala unescorted in spite of being beauties. At the event, Stacie meets NBA star Crawford Wallace while Tameeka meets Tyrell Powell. As they continue to see the new men in their lives, the two females wonder if that have found their perfect mate, but both have doubts that their feelings are reciprocated. Their respective hesitations grow especially when Jackson and Mohamed enter their lives. --- This is an interesting chick lit tale starring two delightful protagonists though the seemingly ever present lists are included. The story line follows the two women as they wonder if they have found their respective Mr. Right, but question if they are their lovers¿ Ms. Right especially when new men enter their lives. Sub-genre fans will get pleasure from these Georgia Peaches as they search for love.