Cream en el Mar

Cream en el Mar


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Emi Import


Disc 1

  1. On the Bandwagon (Beating Their Drums)
  2. Poor Leno  -  Röyksopp
  3. Amazonia  -  Circus Night
  4. Conquistadors (Forward Mast)
  5. Aqua  -  Circulation
  6. @Night
  7. The Brazillian
  8. My Shadow
  9. You Think You're Jesus
  10. Stranded
  11. Passage of Time  -  H-Foundation
  12. The Underground  -  Celeda
  13. Future Child
  14. Matrix  -  Morpheus
  15. The Strong Rhythm  -  Chus & Ceballos
  16. Funny Car  -  Morel
  17. Star Guitar

Disc 2

  1. 8 Days, 7 Hours
  2. We Don't Talk
  3. What We Do in Life... (Echoes in Eternity)  -  Behrouz
  4. The Saga
  5. I Love You
  6. Twister  -  Weekend World
  7. Never Fuck  -  Romanthony
  8. U Need It
  9. Nothing at All
  10. Deep Funk  - Hernán Cattáneo
  11. Mindcircus  - Tricia Lee Kelshall
  12. Fever Rising  -  Cass
  13. Music Makes Me Happy  -  Tomy or Zox
  14. I Feel Loved
  15. It's Gonna Be... (A Lovely Day)
  16. Sabtuagi de Cyba  - Chris Lake
  17. Luminor  - Christian Smith

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Depeche Mode   Track Performer
Ben Harris   Vocals
Way Out West   Track Performer
Trancesetters   Track Performer
Peace Division   Track Performer
Peter Bailey   Track Performer
DJV & Prodigal 1   Track Performer
Stylus Trouble   Track Performer
Dirty Vegas   Track Performer
Brancaccio & Aisher   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Steve Smith   Producer
Tim Scott   Producer,Remixing
Martin Gore   Composer
Hans Hansen   Producer
Paul Harris   Producer
Pete Heller   Producer,Remixing
Clive Henry   Producer
Danny Tenaglia   Producer,Remixing
BT   Remixing
Martin Garcia   Producer
Chemical Brothers   Producer
Deep Dish   Producer
Peter Rauhofer   Producer
Luke Slater   Producer
Johnson   Producer,Remixing
Cevin Fisher   Producer
Ben Turner   Liner Notes
Ben Harris   Producer
Sander Kleinenberg   Producer,Remixing
John Selway   Producer
Kevin Yost   Producer
Gordon Kaye   Producer,Remixing
Sharam   Producer
Scumfrog   Producer
Future Shock   Remixing
Circulation   Producer
DJ Chus   Remixing
John Creamer   Producer
Justin Drake   Producer
Richard Morel   Producer
Andy Jarrod   Producer,Remixing
King Unique   Producer,Remixing
Pete Martin   Producer
Stephane K.   Producer
Hipp-E   Producer
Röyksopp   Producer
Bruce Aisher   Producer
Hernán Cattáneo   Producer
Carlos Manaca   Producer
Pablo Ceballos   Remixing
Chris Lake   Producer
Weekend World   Producer,Remixing

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