Cream Future Trance

Cream Future Trance


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Release Date:
New State Uk


Disc 1

  1. Infinity 2008
  2. I Would Die for You
  3. Every Word @@Daniella
  4. Summerfish
  5. Chakalaka
  6. Beautiful Things
  7. Clockwork @@Deadmau5
  8. Café del Mar @@Energy 52
  9. I Ran (So Far Away)
  10. Breathe In
  11. Eclipse
  12. To the Floor
  13. Out of the Sky
  14. Losing U
  15. Unforgivable
  16. Beat That
  17. Take Me Away (Into the Night) @@4 Strings
  18. Circa-Forever

Disc 2

  1. Pjanoo
  2. Breaking Ties
  3. Carte Blanche
  4. Different Feeling
  5. Power of You
  6. Blueprint
  7. Cygnes @@ClAud9
  8. Where You Belong
  9. Sunseeker @@Pulser
  10. The Way It Should Be @@4 Strings
  11. So High @@Starchaser
  12. The Last Time
  13. Neo Love
  14. Castaway
  15. Spinning
  16. Fallout
  17. Edward Carnby
  18. Silver Bath

Disc 3

  1. Your Loving Arms
  2. Buttons @@Sia
  3. Ayla @@Ayla
  4. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
  5. Hide & Seek
  6. Rush @@Seid VanRiel
  7. Close My Eyes
  8. Universal Nation @@Push
  9. Coma Aid @@Marco V
  10. Gonna Get Ya
  11. Wake Turbulence
  12. Natural High
  13. Riff
  14. Judgement Theme
  15. Infinity 2008
  16. Mystery Land 2009
  17. Radio Crash
  18. Revolution @@BK
  19. Joyenergizer

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ben Keen   Vocals
Inaya Day   Vocals
Eller VanBuuren   Guitar
Karen Ires   Vocals
Blake Lewis   Vocals
Aaron McClelland   Vocals
Sarah Howells   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Stephen Albert   Composer,Producer
Pet Shop Boys   Producer
Guru Josh   Producer
Cosmic Baby   Composer
Marshall Jefferson   Composer
Dave Parkinson   Composer,Producer
Paul Walden   Composer
Markus Schulz   Producer,Remixing
Judge Jules   Composer
Paul Miller   Producer,Remixing
Paul van Dyk   Composer,Producer
Jono Grant   Composer,Producer
Chris Zippel   Producer
Lasse Steen   Producer,Remixing
Mauro Picotto   Composer
Jaspa Jones   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Martin Roth   Producer,Remixing
Ben Keen   Composer,Producer
Piet Blank   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Josh Gabriel   Composer,Producer
Armin van Buuren   Composer,Producer
Addy Van Der Zwan   Producer
Barry Jay   Producer,Remixing
Marcel Woods   Producer,Remixing
Jose Amnesia   Producer,Remixing
Above & Beyond   Composer,Producer
Sia   Composer
Alexander Perls   Composer
Thomas Schwartz   Composer,Producer
Andy Kaufhold   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Christian Burns   Composer
Ralph Kyau   Composer,Producer
Marco Verkuylen   Arranger,Producer
Benno de Goeij   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Benjamin Kuyten   Arranger,Producer
Inaya Day   Composer
Rob Aker   Producer
Steve Helstrip   Composer,Producer
Joy Kitikonti   Composer,Producer
Tony McGuinness   Composer,Producer
Freescha   Composer
M.I.K.E.   Composer
Paavo Siljamäki   Producer
Ingo Kunzi   Composer
Justine Suissa   Composer,Producer
Andy Perring   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Den Hetrix   Composer
James Harcourt   Producer
Carlo Resoort   Producer
David Penner   Composer
Heikki Liimatainen   Composer,Producer
Jimmy Hogarth   Producer
Eric Prydz   Composer,Producer
Frank DeBacker   Producer
My Robot Friend   Composer
Carl B.   Producer
Alexander Peris   Composer
Raffaele Brescia   Composer
Dmitry Almazov   Composer
Simon Patterson   Composer,Producer
Jon O'Bir   Producer,Remixing
Marc Marberg   Composer,Producer
Nic Chagall   Producer,Remixing
Sander Van Doorn   Producer,Remixing
Galen Behr   Producer,Remixing
Pierre Pienaar   Producer,Remixing
Leonid Rudenko   Composer
Blake Lewis   Vocal Recording
Jochen Miller   Producer
Matthias Gierth   Composer,Producer
Henry Nix   Composer,Producer
Aaron McClelland   Composer,Producer
Klaas Gerling   Producer,Remixing
Andy Duguid   Arranger,Composer,Producer
James Doman   Composer
Sarah Howells   Composer
Olivier de Riviere   Composer
Sied Van Riel   Composer,Producer
Alex Kunnari   Composer,Producer
Wendel Kos   Producer,Remixing
Dana Bergquist   Producer,Remixing
Ivan Peroti   Composer
Claudio Pelissero   Composer,Producer
Koen Groeneveld   Producer
Judith VanAndel   Composer
Olaf Dieckmann   Composer,Producer
Orjan Nilsen   Producer,Remixing
Alexander Rousmaniere   Composer
Gareth Wyn   Composer,Producer
Michael Woods   Composer,Producer,Remixing

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