Creating a Learning Culture: Strategy, Technology, and Practice

Creating a Learning Culture: Strategy, Technology, and Practice

by Marcia L. Conner

Innovative approaches that put learning at the center of corporate strategy.See more details below


Innovative approaches that put learning at the center of corporate strategy.

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Foreword Douglas K. Smith; Introduction John Seely Brown and Estee Solomon Gray; Part I. Perspectives on a Changing World: 1. Leading and learning with nobody in charge Harlan Cleveland; 2. Our world as a learning system: a communities-of-practice approach William M. Snyder and Etienne Wenger; 3. Developing talent in a highly regulated industry Karen Kocher; 4. The invisible dogma Mitch Ratcliffe; 5. Looking back on technology to look forward on collaboration and learning David Grebow; 6. Using measurement to foster culture and sustainable growth Laurie Bassi, Karen L. McGraw and Dan McMurrer; Part II. Adaptive Approaches to Organizational Design: 7. Innovative cultures and adaptive organizations Edgar H. Schein; 8. A relational view of learning: how who you know affects what you know Rob Cross, Lisa Abrams and Andrew Parker; 9. Improved performance: that's our diploma Wendy L. Coles; 10. The real and appropriate role of technology to create a learning culture Marc J. Rosenberg; 11. The agility factor Eileen Clegg and Clark N. Quinn; 12. Tools and methods to support learning networks Dori Digenti; Part III. Expanding Individual Responsibility: 13. Envisioning a learning culture: history, self-governing citizens, and no dancing elephants Brook Manville; 14. Individual competencies and partnerships: the primary cultural influencers Brenda Wilkins; 15. Learning culture in a global context Gunnar Brückner; 16. Learning in the company of maniacs Garry O. Ridge; 17. Trust, identity, reputation, and learning in organizations Cliff Figallo; Afterword Marcia L. Conner and James G. Clawson; Index.

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