Creating an Inclusive College Curriculum: A Teaching Sourcebook from the New Jersey Project / Edition 1

Creating an Inclusive College Curriculum: A Teaching Sourcebook from the New Jersey Project / Edition 1

by Ellen G. Friedman, Wendy K. Kolmar, Charley B. Flint, P. Rothenburg

ISBN-10: 0807762822

ISBN-13: 9780807762820

Pub. Date: 06/28/1996

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Teachers College Press
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Athene Series
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New Edition
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6.21(w) x 8.97(h) x 1.16(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Received Ideas and Curriculum Transformation
Pt. ICreating a Statewide Curriculum Project
1Transforming the Curriculum: The New Jersey Project Experience13
2Sustaining the Curriculum Transformation Process: After the First Year24
3Institutionalizing Curriculum Change: College and University Administrators Discuss the Issues31
4Curriculum Transformation at a 2-Year College: Two Views from Brookdale Community College37
5Curriculum Transformation at a 4-Year College: Taking the First Steps44
6Involving Faculty in Curriculum Transformation: Overcoming Resistance at Richard Stockton College51
Pt. IIRethinking Course Content, Perspective, and Pedagogy
7The Politics of Discourse and the End of Argument59
8Teaching About Affirmative Action70
9Teaching About Gender, Ethnicity, Race, and Class: Using African Biography and Autobiography82
10Critical Science Scholarship and Curriculum: Beyond Androcentrism90
11"Mainlining" Transformation in the General Education Curriculum100
12Teaching Art History: Recognizing Alterity109
13Teaching Psychoanalytic Theory in the Feminist Classroom118
14Using Intuition, Emotion, and Personal Story to Teach Multicultural Literature124
15Journal Writing as Feminist Pedagogy131
Pt. IIISyllabi and Narratives
16Change in Societies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Modern History139
17Africana Women: Two Decades of Evolving Historical Perspectives at Trenton State College147
18Immigrant Women in the New World: African and Caribbean Communities and Cultures158
19Women, Culture, and Society: Introduction to Women's Studies165
20A Course in the History of Western Sexuality178
21Women in the Middle East: A History Tutorial187
22Women Artists: Changing the Course of History195
23Teaching Diversity in Western Philosophy and Religion201
24Racism and Sexism in the United States: Introduction to Women's Studies209
25Teaching Difference: Two Courses - Homosexuality & Society and AIDS & Gender219
26Teaching Queer: Bringing Lesbian and Gay Studies into the Community College Classroom228
27Women in Technological Cultures235
28Environmental Science: A Syllabus with Transformation Strategies244
29Integrating Feminism into the Nursing Curriculum: Experiences in Required and Elective Courses256
30Guiding the Learning Experiences of Young Children: A Course in Early Childhood Education263
31Beyond Math Anxiety: Developmental Mathematics270
32Curriculum Transformation in Calculus I276
33The Social Analysis of Difference283
34Integrating the New Scholarship into Introductory Psychology292
35Introduction to the Psychology of Women299
36The Psychology of Women of Color: Culture, Acculturation, and the Definition of Self305
37Advanced Studies in the Psychology of Women313
38Advanced Women's Studies: Psychoanalysis and Feminist Theory322
39Philosophy of Science Syllabus326
40Teaching About Elder Women: Wallflowers at the Women's Studies Dance330
41Teaching the Sociology of Women and Work344
42Transforming the Legal and Social Environment of Business Courses349
43Curriculum Transformation for Basic English Composition and Introduction to Literature: A View from the Trenches359
44Revisiting Freshman Composition: Opening Up the Traditional Curriculum365
45Integrating Race and Gender into the Second-Language Curriculum372
46Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Literature: Centering the Margins378
47Gender, Narrative, and Interpretation in Literature and Film383
Appendix: New Jersey Project Staff, 1986-1995393
About the Editors and the Contributors401

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