Creating the Nonsexist Classroom / Edition 1

Creating the Nonsexist Classroom / Edition 1

by Theresa Mickey McCormick

ISBN-10: 0807733474

ISBN-13: 9780807733479

Pub. Date: 07/01/1994

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Teachers College Press
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1The Social Movement for Women's Rights and Liberation1
Nineteenth-Century Feminism and Suffrage2
Women's Emancipation as a Social Movement6
Resurgence of Feminism: The Contemporary Women's Movement11
The Women's Movement from the Late 1960s to the Present16
Congressional Action17
ERA Revisited21
Implications for Education22
Ch. 2Sexism: Persisting Problems and Issues25
The Role of the Classroom Teacher25
Evidence of Sexism27
The Historical Roots of Sexism35
Sex/Gender Roles, Socialization, and Stereotyping37
Implications for Educators and School Programs47
Ch. 3Nonsexist, Culturally Inclusive Instruction: Issues and Strategies52
Issues of Nonsexist Instruction52
Alternative Instructional Approaches64
Sex Stereotyping and Classroom Instruction74
Nonsexist Language and Instruction78
Ch. 4Curriculum Development for Sex Equity and Cultural Inclusion84
Models of Education and Curriculum84
A Curriculum for Sex Equity and Cultural Inclusion87
Guidelines for Developing a Nonsexist Curriculum90
Classroom Applications94
Ch. 5Ongoing Considerations and Connections: Our Future Is Now122
Internal Factors That Affect Equity in Schools123
External Influences That Affect Equity in Schools133
Conclusion: Partnerships, Possibilities, New Paradigms142
Appendix A: Resources151
Appendix B: Recommended Readings168
About the Author197

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