Creating Wealth and Poverty in Postsocialist China

Creating Wealth and Poverty in Postsocialist China

by Deborah Davis

ISBN-10: 0804761167

ISBN-13: 9780804761161

Pub. Date: 12/28/2008

Publisher: Stanford University Press

Presents an up-to-date look at the social processes and consequences of China's rapid economic growth.  See more details below


Presents an up-to-date look at the social processes and consequences of China's rapid economic growth.

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Stanford University Press
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Studies in Social Inequality Series
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Table of Contents

Illustrations ix

Acknowledgements xi

Contributors xiii

Part I Poverty, Wealth, and Stratification: The Interconnections

Chapter One Poverty and Wealth in Postsocialist China: An Overview Deborah Davis Wang Feng 3

Chapter Two Market versus Social Benefits: Explaining China's Changing Income Inequality Qin Gao Carl Riskin 20

Chapter Three Market and Gender Pay Equity: Chinese Reforms Narrowed the Gap? Philip N. Cohen Wang Feng 37

Chapter Four The Labor of Luxury: Gender and Generational Inequality in a Beijing Hotel Eileen M. Otis 54

Chapter Five The Changing Structure of Employment in Contemporary China Peter Evans Sarab Staveleig 69

Part II Postsocialist Power and Property Relations

Chapter Six Institutional Basis of Social Stratification in Transitional China Liu Xin 85

Chapter Seven Rethinking Corporatist Basis of Stratification in Rural China Xueguang Zhou 97

Chapter Eight Creating Wealth: Land Seizure, Local Government, and Farmers Zhou Feizhou 112

Chapter Nine Resolution Mechanisms for Land Rights Disputes Zhang Jing 126

Part III Postsocialist Life Chances

Chapter Ten Regional Inequality in China: Mortality and Health Yong Cai 143

Chapter Eleven Beyond Cost: Rural Perspective on Barriers to Education Emily Hannum Jennifer Adams 156

Chapter Twelve Urban Occupational Mobility and Employment Institutions: Hierarchy, Market, and Networks in a Mixed System Yanjie Bian 172

Part IV Interpreting Postsocialist Wealth and Poverty

Chapter Thirteen The Social Contours of Distributive Injustice Feeling in Contemporary China Chunping Han Martin King Whyte 193

Chapter Fourteen From Inequality to Inequity: PopularConceptions of Social (In)justice in Beijing Ching Kwan Lee 213

Chapter Fifteen Social Stratification: The Legacy of the Late Imperial Past R. Bin Wong 232

Reference Matter

Notes 249

References 265

Index 289

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