Creative Strategies to Transform School Culture

Creative Strategies to Transform School Culture

by John F. Eller

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ISBN-10: 1412961173

ISBN-13: 9781412961172

Pub. Date: 07/08/2009

Publisher: SAGE Publications

The authors present practical, proven strategies to improve school culture, including activities for developing collaborative work relationships, dealing appropriately with conflict, and fostering rapport.


The authors present practical, proven strategies to improve school culture, including activities for developing collaborative work relationships, dealing appropriately with conflict, and fostering rapport.

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Table of Contents

About the Authors
1. Culture and Climate
About This Chapter
School Climate Versus Culture
Rapport, Trust, Climate, Culture, and Their Interrelationship
The Importance of Trust
Building and Sustaining Organizational Trust
Strategies to Build Trust and Impact School Climate
2. Diagnosing the Present Climate and Culture of Your School
About This Chapter
Informal Diagnostic Strategies
Formal or Structured Diagnostic Instruments
Planning Templates
3. Building the Foundation for Success
About This Chapter
Working With the Office Staff
Strategy: Planning and Developing an Effective Office Staff
Creating a Positive Physical Environment for Staff
Strategy: Through These Doors
Welcoming Staff Back to School
Activity: Getting to Know Your Teachers and Staff
Activity: Welcome Back Barbeque
Refreshments for Staff
Business Cards for Staff
Name Plates for Teachers
Positive Message
First Day Survival Kit
Ice Cream Social Event
Breakfast for Staff
Wrapping Up the Classroom
Book Fair Gifts
4. Building an Emotional Base for Your Climate and Culture Improvements
About This Chapter
Activity: Measuring Their Impact
Activity: I Remember When...
Activity: Descriptive Footwear
Activity: The Boot Award
Activity: Jack-O-Lanterns
Activity: Block of Support
Activity: Artifact Introductions
Activity: The Thank You Blitz
Activity: Candle Ceremony
Activity: Bag of Positive Phrases
Activity: Spread the Word
Activity: Reward With a Smile
Activity: A Novel Staff
Activity: Floating or Traveling Trophy
Activity: Jelly Bean Questions
Activity: Snowball Fight
5. Staff Meeting Starters to Build Culture
Activity: Good News
Activity: Human Bingo
Activity: Who's Connected
Activity: My Piece of the Pie
Activity: I'm a Card
6. Activities to Couple With Tasks and Decisions
About This Chapter
Activity: Future Set
Activity: Carouseling
Strategy: Leafing Out With Goal Attainment
Activity: Comparison Diagram
Activity: Buy What Is Most Important
Activity: It's a Star
Activity: Criteria Rating
Activity: Progressive Problem Solving
Activity: From My Perspective
Activity: Ripple Effects
Activity: Small Group Ripple Effects
Activity: Sticky Note Ripple Effects
Activity: Ripple Effects Contest
Activity: Carousel Ripple Effects
7. Building a Sense of Team
About This Chapter
Interdependence, Community, and Their Impact on School Climate and Culture
Activity: Toxic Waste Transfer
Activity: Figure It Out
Activity: Communication Problems
Activity: All Tied Up
Activity: Passing the Hoop
Activity: Building a Poker Hand
Activity: Hula Hoop Relays
Activity: Circle of Support
Activity: Rising Tower
Activity: It Takes a Village
8. We're Not Getting Along; Now What?
About This Chapter
The Nature of Conflict
Activity: Pack Up Your Baggage
Activity: Parking Lot Meeting
Activity: Transfer the Anger
Activity: Ashes to Ashes
Activity: Go to Your Corners
Activity: Corner on Perspectives
Activity: Victory Laps
Activity: Half-Full or Half-Empty
Activity: Compare our Perspectives
Activity: Peeling the Onion
Mediating Between Conflicting Parties
Productive Influence of Conflict on a Team
Conflict and Chaos
9. Celebrating Your Success
About This Chapter
Strategy: Planning the Celebration at the Start of the Initiative
Activity: High Fives
Activity: Banana Splits
Activity: Gallery Walk
Strategy: Trophy Case Displays
Strategy: Get Out of Duty Cards
Strategy: Success Thermometer
10. Supporting Climate and Cultural Change as a Leader
About This Chapter
Step 1: Understand Your Strengths, Weaknesses, and Inhibitions
Step 2: Build a Seedbed
Step 3: Plant the Seeds
Step 4: Nurture Them, Watch Them Grow
Step 5: Pull the Weeds
Step 6: Harvest the Crop

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