Creative Strategy in Direct & Interactive Marketing / Edition 3

Creative Strategy in Direct & Interactive Marketing / Edition 3

by Susan K. Jones

ISBN-10: 1933199024

ISBN-13: 9781933199023

Pub. Date: 10/01/2008

Publisher: Racom Communications

The right creative strategy can mean the difference between success and failure in a direct or interactive marketing program. And the all-new third edition of Creative Strategy in Direct and Interactive Marketing by Susan K. Jones (Racom——in conjunction with the Direct Marketing Association $49.95) has been totally revised to address the


The right creative strategy can mean the difference between success and failure in a direct or interactive marketing program. And the all-new third edition of Creative Strategy in Direct and Interactive Marketing by Susan K. Jones (Racom——in conjunction with the Direct Marketing Association $49.95) has been totally revised to address the new issues of interactive marketing media, marketing integration and convergence of all media. The opening section gives an overview of the new world of direct marketing and interactive creative strategy, including: ? The art and science of marketing creativity and the strategic challenges of direct marketing and interactivity.

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Table of Contents

Foreword     xi
Introduction     xiii
Laying the Groundwork     1
A Profitable Blend of Art and Science     2
The Definition of Direct Marketing     2
The Economic Impact of Direct and Interactive Marketing     3
Characteristics of Direct and Interactive Marketing     4
The Role of Direct and Interactive Marketing in Integrated Marketing Communications     5
Direct and Interactive Marketing: A Brief History     7
The Growth of Direct Marketing: Social and Technological Change     8
Challenges for the Direct and Interactive Marketing Community     13
Prospects for Creative People in Direct and Interactive Marketing     14
The Discipline of Direct and Interactive Marketing Creativity     16
Study the Techniques of the Masters     16
Direct Marketing Formulas and Checklists     17
Famous Direct Marketing Formulas     17
Can Technique Take the Place of Creativity?     19
What It Takes to be Creative in Direct and Interactive Marketing     20
What It Takes to Generate and Apply New Ideas for Creative Strategy     22
Creating New Ideas Step-by-Step     24
Brainstorm Your Way to a Breakthrough Idea     27
JudyFinerty's Rules for Working Smarter     28
Research in Direct and Interactive Marketing     31
What Research Can Do for Direct and Interactive Marketers     31
Types of Direct and Interactive Marketing Research     32
Consumer Behavior: From Theory to Zip Code-Based Lifestyle Data to Individual Household and Buyer Information     33
Basics About the Direct Response Buyer     37
Secondary Research     38
Primary Research     39
What Market Research Firms Can Do for Direct and Interactive Marketers     39
The Future of Research in Direct and Interactive Marketing Creative Strategy     42
Databases, Privacy, Ethics and Customer Relationship Management     46
Harnessing the Power of the Database     46
Privacy and Ethics     52
Customer Relationship Management     53
The Corner Merchant's Method Comes Full Circle: Ukrop's Serves Individual Customer Needs with Its Valued Customer Card     54
How Creative Strategy Fits into the Direct and Interactive Marketing Plan     57
The Direct and Interactive Marketing Plan     57
The Creative Person's Role in Marketing Planning and Execution     57
Developing a Creative Strategy     61
A Creative Person's View of Direct and Interactive Marketing Media     63
Direct Mail     63
Magazines     64
Newspapers     66
Freestanding Newspaper Inserts and Weekend Magazines     68
Billing Inserts/Package Inserts/Co-Ops/Card Decks     68
Telephone     69
Fax     69
E-Mail     70
Television     71
Radio     71
Internet and Other Interactive Media     72
How to Choose the Media Mix     73
Who Should Do the Creative Work and What Do They Need to Know     75
How Managers Can Nurture the Creative Person in Direct and Interactive Marketing     75
How Creatives Can Contribute to a Business Environment Where Ideas Flourish     78
What the Creative Team Needs to Know     79
A Full-Service Agency, In-House Staff, Freelancers, or a "Virtual Agency"?     82
Decisions for Creatives: Agency, In-House, or Freelance     87
The Offer in Direct and Interactive Marketing     90
The Product     91
The Price     98
The Place     104
The Promotion     105
Attracting Qualified Sales Leads     112
The Science of Creative Testing     117
Why Direct and Interactive Marketers Test     117
Determine What Creative Elements to Test     118
Ensure That Your Tests Make a Profitable Difference     118
How to Test in Direct Mail     119
Tips for Profitable Direct Mail Testing     121
Simple Pretests for Creative Ideas     122
Direct Response Testing in Other Media     123
Testing on the Web     126
Creative Direct Marketing     129
Direct Mail Marketing     130
Variety of Formats     131
Source of Format Ideas     131
The Outer Envelope     132
The Letter     135
The Brochure     142
The Reply Device     143
Other Inserts and Formats     147
How to Create Effective Direct Response Print Ads     154
Learning from the Masters     154
The Elements of a Direct Response Ad     158
Technological Advances in Print Advertising     169
The Creative Approach to Catalogs     171
Catalog Positioning     171
Creating and Promoting the Catalog     175
Catalog Enhancements     183
How Top Catalog Creative People Stay Fresh     184
Don't Remain in the "Creative Box"     186
Broadcast Direct Marketing     187
Direct Versus General Broadcast Spots     188
What to Sell in Direct Response TV Spots     189
Tips for Creating Direct Response TV Spots     192
General Advertising Techniques and Budgets Enliven Direct Response Spots     199
Using Television to Support Other Media     199
Television Home Shopping     200
Infomercials     200
Videos/DVDs     202
Radio     203
Building Long-Term Customer Value Through Back-End Marketing     205
The Functions of Back-End Marketing     205
Keep Following Up Until a Promotion's Costs Exceed its Profits     206
Building Long-Term Loyalty Through Relationship Marketing     222
Other Consumer Direct Marketing Media     225
Obtaining Live Samples     225
Asking the Vendor for Advice     225
Telemarketing     226
Co-Ops     228
Card Decks     229
Co-Op Freestanding Inserts     230
Package Inserts and Ride-Alongs     231
Supermarket Take-Ones     231
Unique Ad Media for Direct Response Marketers     233
Conclusion      234
Business-to-Business Direct and Interactive Marketing     237
Business-to-Business Direct and Interactive Marketing: A Growth Medium     238
How Business Buyers Compare with Consumer Buyers     238
Ways to Use Direct and Interactive Marketing in Business-to-Business Communications and Sales     245
Tips on Business-to-Business Formats and Media     247
Leveraging the Internet for Business-to-Business Marketing     252
Copy Tips for Business-to-Business Creative People     254
E-Commerce Marketing     259
Interactive Media: "The Fourth Communications Revolution"     260
Benefits and Barriers for Interactive Marketers     261
Tips for Interactive Media     265
Marketing Convergence     279
What Marketing Convergence Means to Creative Marketers     279
How Leading Companies Profit from Integrated Online and Offline Marketing Strategies     280
Creating and Producing the Work     297
Copywriting and Graphic Design     298
Step-by-Step Design and Copy     299
How to Plan and Evaluate Art and Copy     305
Creating Words and Pictures     311
Preparing Artwork for Printing     320
Typography     320
Evaluating and Enhancing Color     327
Space Ad Preparation     328
Printing and Personalization     331
Printing Methods and Options     331
Paper Selection     334
Press Start-Ups     335
Personalization     336
Variable Data Printing     337
Print Production Planning/Working with Suppliers     344
Working with Direct Mail Suppliers     344
Scheduling and Critical Dates     349
Space Advertising     351
Lists, Service Bureaus, the Post Office and Lettershops     355
List Selection     355
List Brokerage     357
Computer Service Bureaus     357
Postal Regulation     359
Lettershops     362
Working with the Lettershop     363
Broadcast Production     366
Start with the Script and Storyboard     366
Take Advantage of the Visual TV Medium     367
Get Bids for Your Television Production     368
Variables to Consider in Planning a TV Spot     369
Periodicals, Books and Other Resources     372
Associations and Clubs     377
Code of Ethics for Direct and Interactive Marketer      382
Direct Marketing Association Member Principles     384
Glossary     385
Index     399
About the Author     409

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