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Creativity and Innovation / Edition 4

Creativity and Innovation / Edition 4

by Norma Carr-Ruffino

ISBN-10: 0536273391

ISBN-13: 9780536273390

Pub. Date: 08/28/2006

Publisher: Pearson Learning Solutions

Leading Innovation weaves together information about what leaders must do to establish team cultures that allow creativity and innovation to thrive–and how these leaders become role models by developing and expanding their own innovative skills.

Innovative leaders must lead teams and organizations through paradigm shifts in a global high-tech network


Leading Innovation weaves together information about what leaders must do to establish team cultures that allow creativity and innovation to thrive–and how these leaders become role models by developing and expanding their own innovative skills.

Innovative leaders must lead teams and organizations through paradigm shifts in a global high-tech network economy that demands continuous innovation. They lead teams through the Innovative Process, using both rational mind and creative mind. They break through typical mindsets to recognize new patterns, connecting the dots and making sense in new ways. They cross boundaries of all types, linking things that "don’t go together" to create innovations. They work on visualizing the not-yet seen and intuiting the next new thing. They develop future scenarios, compelling stories about how current trends may affect an organization’s future. They find their personal passion, which in turn fuels the motivation needed to keep innovating and learning. They use emotional skills for negotiating the Innovative Process, gathering support for bringing creative ideas to fruition as profitable innovations.

Leading Innovation is a book that takes students through the steps to building these skills and mastering these tasks, which are required of today’s leaders.

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Table of Contents

How This Book Can Change Your Life ix

1 Creativity & Innovation: New Leadership Tasks & Skills 1

Creativity Showcase 1: Business Leaders Speak Out on Innovation 2

Creativity and innovation: what’s the difference? 3

New jobs calling for new skills 6

New leadership tasks and skills 7

Your creative potential: realities and myths 10

How to break through creativity blocks 18

Creativity Showcases 2: The Sundance Institute 22

Case Study: Kid Fun 24

Self-Awareness Opportunities 25

Guidelines for Writing a Case Study 32

References 34

2 Leading Change in a Global High-Tech Network Economy 37

Thrive on paradigm shifts, the results of breakthrough innovations 39

Understand the high-tech life cycle, paradigm shifts in action 43

Creativity Showcase: Cloud Computing: The Next Big High-Tech Thing? 53

Network economy: new rules of the business game 54

Boost your team’s high-tech net savvy 59

Case Study: Jay-Kim Website Service 69

Self-Awareness Activities 70

References 71

3 Rational Skills and the Innovative Process 73

Myths & realities about creativity & the Innovation Process 74

Myths & realities about the rational mind 76

Typical rational mind activities 77

Rational mind, creative mind: the balance 79

The Innovative Process: 7 stages 82

Beyond rational: imaginative opportunity-finding & problem-solving 90

Creativity Showcase: Create ways to rev up slow business 93

Boost your rational skills 94

Creative Techniques using rational skills 100

Case Studies: Come Fly with Me; Career Focus Inc.; Morrison Sportswear 103

Self-Awareness Opportunities 107

References 112

4 Quantum Creativity: Expanding the Realm of Possibility 115

New physics: see a new world 115

New biology: experience life anew 122

How much of this is real? 130

Creating through the power of thinking-feeling 132

Creating through the power of imagination: creative visualization 136

Self-Awareness Opportunities 137

References 137

5 Intuitive Skills: Maximizing Creative Potential 141

Myths and realities about intuition 142

Intuitive decision making 143

How you receive intuitive information 145

Intuitive skills 150

How to boost intuitive skills 153

Intuitive blocks and remedies 161

Advanced intuitive techniques 166

Creativity Showcase: Curitiba, Brazil, A U.N. Model City 169

Creative techniques using intuitive skills 172

Case Studies: Entertainment Inc;, Dorothy’s Business Venture 177

Self-Awareness Opportunities 179

References 187

6 Sensory Skills: Imagining, Visualizing, Sensing 191

Myths and realities about inner sensory skills 192

Sensory skills: outer and inner 192

Creativity Showcase 1: Swimming with Dolphins 195

Imagination: inner visual thinking 197

Creativity Showcase 2: Alessi Italian Design 200

Imagination: the power of creative visualization 201

Allow RVL to increase your creativity 205

How to boost your sensory skills 207

Creative techniques using sensory skills 211

Case studies: Art Rock; Asiana 215

Self-Awareness Opportunities 217

References 225

7 Future Scenarios: Recognizing Trends & Opportunities 227

Myths and realities about change, stories, future 228

The Future Scenario Process: Why Stories? 229

Seven steps to writing future scenarios 231

Examples: draft report and 3 future scenarios 244

Creative Techniques for building story-writing skills 250

Self-Awareness Opportunities 251

References 252

8 Pattern Recognition Skills: Connecting Dots, Making Sense 253

Uses of pattern recognition 253

Creativity Showcase 1: Ray Kurzweil, King of Pattern Recognition 256

Connecting the dots: sensemaking 257

Pattern recognition tools 261

Personal pattern recognition skills 263

How to boost your pattern recognition skills 267

Creativity Showcase 2: CASA, Patterns of Consumer Behavior 272

Creative techniques using pattern recognition skills 273

Case Studies: Fast Print; Synex 275

Self-Awareness Opportunities 276

References 282

9 Leading an Innovative Corporate Culture 285

Barriers to an innovative corporate culture 285

Innovative corporate culture 288

Structure for Innovation 289

Creativity Showcase 1: Nike’s “Big-I Kitchen” 294

Leadership Tasks 294

Creativity Showcase 2: Target vs Walmart Culture Wars? 296

Who? Hire and retain for innovation 298

Where? Locate for innovation 300

Create an innovative team culture 302

Learn from creative conflict and clashes 304

Case Studies: Andy & Barbara; Corporate Culture Clash M&A 311

References 313

10 Cross-boundary Skills: Connecting, Linking, Relating 315

Myths and realities about cross-overs 315

Cross-boundary skills 316

Creativity Showcase 1: Soil & Flea Market Metaphor 320

Seek opportunities to innovate across boundaries 322

How to boost cross-boundary skills 328

Creativity Showcase 2: Nature’s Basic Rules of Survival 329

Creative techniques using cross-boundary skills 336

Case studies: Eclipse Salon in Burlingame; Lightning Bats

Self-Awareness Opportunities 344

References 346

11 Leading Teams in the Innovative Processes 349

Big I and little i: two types of innovation 349

Creativity Showcase 1: Team Improvisation 352

Lead teams in the innovative process 353

Who? Roles people play on creative teams 364

Find ways to give customers a better experience 369

Creativity Showcase 2: Interface Carpet, Lean-Thinking Innovation 370

Creativity Showcase 3: Flickr and Hidden Opportunities 373

Beyond the work team: start new creative collaborations 373

Creative Techniques using innovative thinking 382

Case Study: Foster Realty, New Location or Old? 384

References 385

12 Motivational Skills: Tapping Passion, Purpose, Meaning 387

Myths and realities about motivation 388

Spark team motivation: leadership tasks 390

Motivational skills 394

How to boost personal motivation 396

Creativity Showcase: Pentagram, Career Choices 406

Creative techniques using motivational skills 407

Case studies: Steven’s New Career; Career Change; Sell the Business? 409

Self-Awareness Opportunities 412

References 418

13 Emotional Skills: Boosting People Skills & Intuition 421

Myths and reality about emotion 421

What is emotional intelligence? 424

Emotional skills 425

Emotional intelligence in organizations 430

Creativity Showcase: Village Homes, Creating Community 433

How to boost emotional skills 434

Creative techniques using emotional skills 452

Cases Studies: American Tours; Video Game Commerical 455

Self-Awareness Opportunities 456

References 459

14 Negotiation Skills: Selling Creative Ideas 464

Overcome typical reactions to innovations 464

Sell rational mind and creative mind 466

Use persuasive principles 471

How to negotiate: basic strategies 476

Creativity Showcase: The Language of Negotiation 491

Case Study: Erica Negotiates to Buy a Business 492

References 493

Wrapup: A Final Word on Innovative Leadership 497

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