Creativity for Graphic Designers / Edition 1

Creativity for Graphic Designers / Edition 1

by Mark Oldach

ISBN-10: 158180055X

ISBN-13: 2901581800554

Pub. Date: 04/28/2000

Publisher: F+W Media

A real-world guide to generating original, dynamic and viable ideas. Twenty-five case studies show how award-winning designers imagine, polish and sell their designs.  See more details below


A real-world guide to generating original, dynamic and viable ideas. Twenty-five case studies show how award-winning designers imagine, polish and sell their designs.

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F+W Media
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New Edition

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Preparing for Ideas
Getting to the Message4
Thinking With an Open Mind
Controlling the Creative Process
Knowing Who the Client Is
Case Study: The Progressive Corporation Annual Report6
Preparing the Client for Creativity12
Client as Creativity Gatekeeper
Case Study: Brainstorm14
Managing Expectations
Beyond the Client Interview19
Decompressing After the Interview
Looking Beyond the Client for Information
Case Study: CD-ROM Packaging Marketing Program20
Defining the Boundaries for Creativity
Case Study: Mayo Clinic Pharmacist CD-ROM26
Processing the Information28
Understanding and Clarifying the Message
Defining the Objective
Case Study: First Impression Positioning and Marketing Program32
Developing the Design Criteria
Spinning the Information
Case Study: Noranda Inc. Annual Report38
Chapter 2Getting to Ideas
Brainstorming Alone44
Catching the Ideas
More Is Better
Case Study: Visual Symbols Library on CD-ROM46
Follow an Uncharted Trail of Ideas
Look to the Obvious
Empty Your Brain of the Obvious
Case Study: DIFFA, Chicago Benefit Communications Program50
Know When and Where You Get Most of Your Ideas
Give Yourself Some Parameters and Constraints
Combining Ideas to Make New Ones
Extremes and Opposites
Case Study: Mark Oldach Design Self-Promotion Program56
Know When to Go for a Walk
Brainstorming in a Group60
Create a Haven for Innovation
Look for the Creative Potential in all Projects, Big and Small
Merging Words and Images63
Case Study: Andersen Consulting, Marketing Brochure for the Technology Assessment Group64
Creative Word Play67
Collect Words
Case Study: Step 2 Identity and Kick-off Event Invitation68
Listen to the Words
Organizing With Words
Exploring Images
Case Study: Champion Paper "Imagination" Series72
Doodle and Sketch
Choose Tools That Implement Creativity
Case Study: Warner Bros., Total Jazz CD Cover78
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Beyond Ideas82
When Do You Stop Brainstorming?
The Voice of Judgment
Forming Ideas Into Solutions
Case Study: Posted Communications, Poster Series84
Chapter 3Growing Ideas
Editing Ideas88
Evaluating Your Ideas
Reviewing the Objectives
Remembering the Design Criteria
Case Study: Jacor, Inc,. Annual Report90
Editing: Transforming the Concept
Editing: Eliminating
Case Study: Passport Brochure96
Adding Substance to Concept99
Voice, Vision and Viewpoint
Case Study: Museum of Contemporary Art Giant Book102
Risk Is Relative
Identifying an Original Idea
Understanding Style106
Style With Rationale
Passion as a Creative Tool
Case Study: Cooper-Hewitt Museum Exhibit, Packaging the New108
Can You Be Too Creative?
Identifying a Good Idea
Can a Creative Solution Look Conservative, Even Boring?
Case Study: UCLA Summer Sessions Poster and Claes Oldenburg Catalog for Gemini G.E.L.112
Pushing Ideas114
Enhancing the Concept Through Implementation
Case Study: Recycled Paper Promotion, Remarque Paper116
Case Study: Identity Program for Marlene Marks/Identity Program for Linda Chryle118
Case Study: Caterpillar Capabilities Brochure122
Printing and Finishing
Case Study: Children's Book, Journey: Travel Diary of a Daydreamer126
Sweating the Details
Looking at the Big Picture
Remember the Audience, In Spite of the Client133
Is the Design Working?
Managing Client Expectations
Controlling the Decision Making Process
Creativity Begets Creativity

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