Crime and Punishment [AudioBook]

Crime and Punishment [AudioBook]

by Michael Sheen

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Disc 1

  1. A Visit to the "Pawnbroker Woman"
  2. Raskolnikov Meets Malmedov
  3. The Home of Malmedov
  4. A Letter from Raskolnikov's Mother
  5. The Letter Takes Its Effect
  6. Preparation for Murder
  7. At the Door of the Pawnbroker
  8. An Unexpected Appearance
  9. After the Murder
  10. The Police Station
  11. Fever

Disc 2

  1. Raskolnikov's Friends Are Concerned
  2. Zossimov Tells Dushkin's Story
  3. Luzhin Makes His Appearance
  4. Raskolnikov Reads the Newspaper
  5. Return to the Scene
  6. The Death of Marmeladov
  7. Family Discussions
  8. On the Way to Porfiry Petrovitch,
  9. Porfiry Begins to Question Raskolnikov
  10. An Encounter With a Stranger
  11. Luzhin Despatched

Disc 3

  1. Raskolnikov and Sonia
  2. The Story of Lazarus
  3. At the Police Station Again
  4. The Interrogation Continues
  5. Nikolay Is Brought In
  6. Raskolnikov Confides in Sonia
  7. Madness
  8. Porfiry Petrovich in Command,
  9. The Decision Is Made
  10. Siberia

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