Criminal Justice Policy

Criminal Justice Policy

by Jodi Lane

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International Library of Comparative Public Policy
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Pt. IThe Extent and Nature of Crime: International Perspectives
1Crime in International Perspective
2A Cross-National Comparison of Victims of Crime: Victim Surveys of Twelve Countries
3Changes in Crime and Punishment in America, England and Sweden Between the 1980s and the 1990s
Pt. IITheoretical Explanations for the Onset, Escalation, and Termination of Criminal Behavior
4Human Nature and Crime Control: Improving the Feasibility of Nurturant Strategies
5The Social Development Model: A Theory of Antisocial Behavior
6Control Theory and the Life-Course Perspective
7Understanding Variability in Lives Through Time: Contributions of Life-Course Criminology
Pt. IIIThe Social Context of Crime
8Youth Violence, Guns, and the Illicit-Drug Industry
9Assessing Alternative Drug Control Regimes
10Family Relationships, Juvenile Delinquency, and Adult Criminality
11Delinquent Peers, Beliefs, and Delinquent Behavior: A Longitudinal Test of Interactional Theory
12The Social Embeddedness of Crime and Unemployment
13Fear of Crime and Neighborhood Change
14Racial Disproportion in US Prisons
15Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System: Findings and Problems in the Literature
Pt. IVEvaluating Alternative Crime Policy Options
16Prevention as Cumulative Protection: Effects of Early Family Support and Education on Chronic Delinquency and Its Risks
17A Summary
18Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders
19Does Correctional Treatment Work? A Clinically Relevant and Psychologically Informed Meta-Analysis
20Twenty Years of Sentencing Reform: Steps Forward, Steps Backward
21A Meta-Analysis of the Predictors of Adult Offender Recidivism: What Works!
22Broken Windows: The Police and Neighborhood Safety
23The Future of Policing
24A Crime Control Rationale for Reinvesting in Community Corrections
25The Growth of Imprisonment in California
Pt. VCrime Control Policy and the Future: What is to be Done?
26What To Do About Crime
27Science and the Punishment/Control Movement
28Interaction of Criminological Research and Public Policy
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