Criminal Law and Colonial Subject

Criminal Law and Colonial Subject

by Paula Jane Byrne

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This book looks at how the practice of law developed in early New South Wales.  See more details below


This book looks at how the practice of law developed in early New South Wales.

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"Those who seek historical treatment of crime will surely welcome this book, both because it illuminates a little known area of history and because it is based on primary source material." Nancy Wolfe, The Criminologist

"Her methodology and conclusions should interest a broad spectrum of scholars—legal, social, feminist, and economic historians, sociologists, and anthropologists...the book is as much about method as substance. Just as the author's ideas have relevance for studying criminal law, her methodology also has application to other kinds of legal history...Surely an exposé like Byrnes'...merits a new look at legal history methodology..." Albert J. Schmidt, Journal of Social History

"Byrne achieves a remarkable sense of the local gendering of space, geography, housing, and other colonial Australian sites, as well as an often colorful evocation of the theater and conflicts of male/female interactions in streets, inns, households, workplaces, and courtrooms....The strengths of Byrne's book include the strong grounding of empirical research underlying the readings, analyses, and arguments advanced....[A]n important, innovative, and, above all, gendered contribution to a cultural history of colonial Australian criminal law." Judith Allen, American Historical Review

"The historian of crime can draw on this work for useful information and some insightful analysis." Social History

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Cambridge University Press
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Studies in Australian History Series
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